Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Coco is Three!!!

Coco is three!!! We had a really great day celebrating our girl. We spent the night before decorating, wrapping presents, and blowing up balloons. I found myself going back to old blog posts and feeling all sorts of heartbreak that these babies are getting so big. Time seems to be speeding up. 

When we asked Coco what she wanted for her birthday she said she wanted to go to the arcade and have a Zootopia birthday. Perfect! 
 Can we all still get this excited about seeing balloons?
Amelia gave Coco a batman pencil case and made her a Zootopia coloring book. She LOVES surprising people with presents. Cutest thing ever.  
 Judy Hops ZPD badge. 
After presents and donuts for breakfast, the girls and I went to the beach. I usually only plan on staying for a couple of hours but we stayed for 6. The weather was perfect, tide was perfect, and we made new friends. I took tons of pictures but those are all on my phone. To be shared another time. 

We had other plans but the beach interfered, as it does. We came home from the beach, cleaned up a little, and made cupcakes. My girls love baking so we always plan on them helping with any treats. They made the toppers and piped the frosting on. It was seriously so  much fun. The simple things are always the best right?
 So proud of their creations
Coco's cupcake for later. 

When Brian got home from work we made our way to the arcade. But first pictures in her birthday shirt. 
We hit the arcade, ice cream, and the park. These are all walking distance from each other...and the beach. We ended the evening of fun with the sunset as well. Pretty perfect.
Coco is hilarious. She is smart, kind, beautiful, and has so much attitude. Coco is a little ball of muscle that climbs everything. She box jumps up the stairs everyday. It's just how she does stairs. She learned to ride her bike this summer and a skateboard down the driveway. She is brave and curious. As I'm typing this she has climbed to the top of my treadmill to look out the window at a bird. She is growing up so fast but still says words like blueblerry. She says "what in the heck" and "what do you think you're talking about" which gives me a glance into a teenage Coco. She still calls Amelia "Mel Mel" and loves to follow her around. She has the best imagination and will sit through book after book as long as her Dad is reading them. I can already tell that three is going to be a really great age. I feel really grateful that I get to be Coco's mom.