Thursday, March 16, 2017

TBT: Disneyland

Back in November we took a trip to Southern California for the holiday. During our trip to visit family we were lucky enough to take the girls for a day to Disneyland. Since it was only a day we chose just to do one park. My favorite ride, Tower of Terror, was closing down so I insisted we went to California Adventure. This was the girl's first trip to Disneyland and obviously this opened a whole new world....for them. I suppose since I went at least twice a week my entire pregnancy with Amelia, it was about time we took her for real. Mostly I'm just going to post this pictures...they are all pretty self explanatory. Basically us doing things at Disneyland.
 This was our first and last time meeting a princess....they were not into it and neither was I. 
We ditched the kids with my mom a few times and went on the big kid rides. We are in the back left. We all planned to act scared on the ride but I was so happy I couldn't stop laughing. 

It has been four months and she still talks about this moment meeting Pluto. It was the only character she wanted to meet and we just happened upon him. Lucky day.  
This is the only ride we had to wait for. We waited 30 minutes and then they shut down the ride right before we were about to go on...The good thing about young kids that have never been before, they didn't really know anything was wrong. 

We went from open to close and did everything we wanted. When we left, Disneyland was doing their fireworks. We ended up at the top of the parking garage as they were going off. We were so close the ashes were getting in our eyes. It was an amazing end to such a fun day. 

Happy Thursday!

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