Thursday, March 16, 2017

TBT: Disneyland

Back in November we took a trip to Southern California for the holiday. During our trip to visit family we were lucky enough to take the girls for a day to Disneyland. Since it was only a day we chose just to do one park. My favorite ride, Tower of Terror, was closing down so I insisted we went to California Adventure. This was the girl's first trip to Disneyland and obviously this opened a whole new world....for them. I suppose since I went at least twice a week my entire pregnancy with Amelia, it was about time we took her for real. Mostly I'm just going to post this pictures...they are all pretty self explanatory. Basically us doing things at Disneyland.
 This was our first and last time meeting a princess....they were not into it and neither was I. 
We ditched the kids with my mom a few times and went on the big kid rides. We are in the back left. We all planned to act scared on the ride but I was so happy I couldn't stop laughing. 

It has been four months and she still talks about this moment meeting Pluto. It was the only character she wanted to meet and we just happened upon him. Lucky day.  
This is the only ride we had to wait for. We waited 30 minutes and then they shut down the ride right before we were about to go on...The good thing about young kids that have never been before, they didn't really know anything was wrong. 

We went from open to close and did everything we wanted. When we left, Disneyland was doing their fireworks. We ended up at the top of the parking garage as they were going off. We were so close the ashes were getting in our eyes. It was an amazing end to such a fun day. 

Happy Thursday!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Half Birthdays & Valentine's Day

We recently celebrated our half birthdays!  Also I checked, half birthdays are a thing. I swear. Well really it all started for us about 10 years ago when I sassed Brian for not celebrating my half birthday and he responded with "It's not your birthday". I obviously responded with a friends quote, "That's so mean I would never tell you its not your birthday". We have celebrated half birthdays ever since.

Coco: 2 1/2 
Normally I do a pajama picture the morning of their "birthday" but I rarely get up before Coco. This was the best picture I could get of her in pajamas while we made breakfast. Also, she doesn't like getting her picture taken. 
I asked Coco to choose an outfit for her half birthday pictures. Of course it was her shark shirt (i think a hand me down from my nephew). Pretty much the only shirt she will wear. In fact getting Coco dressed is usually the roughest part of the day. After a lot of work and a sticker incentive chart we are finally coming around with getting dressed. Until Sunday that is...the dreaded church dress. 
Reading me her favorite book: Pajama Time.
Coco is hilarious. She is loud, determined, destructive, super stubborn, and also very sweet. She is the definition of terrible two but she also loves to snuggle and loves to make everyone laugh. Coco loves Zootopia, Tarzan and Kung Fu Panda. She loves coloring...on everything (walls, kitchen table, trashcan, books). The way she talks is also hilarious. She regularly asks me things like "What do you think you're doing?" and "Are you crazy?". She is very sensitive and does not like when anyone else cries. If I every express a negative emotion she is the first one to say, "Mom are you mad or frustrated?" She is very athletic and bounces everywhere she goes. She hides just to jump out and scare us. She loves helping in the kitchen and is definitely a mama's girl. Seriously, I can't even leave the room. Everyday she tells me that I'm her best friend. She lives very loud in her little body and I have no doubt that she will be successful in whatever she puts her mind too. I can't wait to watch. 
Amelia: 4 1/2
Pajama picture with Little Puppy. 

I asked Amelia to pick out her half birthday outfit. She has two pairs of these feather leggings and wears them ALL THE TIME. She also insisted on wearing her rainbow shirt. Since she wore it for her last birthday she feels like it's the birthday shirt. She is very literal and loves rules and structure. A girl after my heart. 
So proud of writing her own name. 
Also she needed a mask and cape for her jumping pictures. 
Amelia is and always has been our sunshine girl. She is so easy-going and she balances me and Coco out very well. Amelia loves to learn and create. She is artistic and can sit forever doing workbooks, coloring, painting, or practicing her writing. Amelia is so content and finds happiness and joy in everything. Whatever we are doing she acts as excited as if we are going to Disneyland. No joke. "Hey Amelia, we are going to the Dr for shots", "Oh I love the Dr. they keep me healthy and the shots don't even hurt that bad". That was a real conversation with Amelia. She loves having everything explained to her and she wants to understand.  She starts kindergarten in the fall and I'm not worried about her at all. She is going to love being in a classroom. Right now she is very into Moana, Dinotrux, and Ninja Turtles. She has already decided we are having a Maui birthday when she turns 5. Hard to believe that this time has gone so fast but I am truly loving watching her grow up into the person she will become. We are so lucky to have her.   

Her family portrait she did a few months ago. 

This post is real wordy but I'm already here blogging, so let's just throw in Valentine's day. We celebrated by being buried by mountains of snow. For real, we had a huge storm the weekend before and we didn't leave the house. 

The girls had their envelopes filled up with things I found around the house. Play dough, marshmallows, pencils, and stickers. Also check out that bedhead. 
I made some heart shaped waffles with heart shaped strawberries and then we played with our stickers for hours. I also made the girls put on heart shirts and pose for a cheesy picture. Lucky I had the camera ready because these girls are good for about 3 seconds before the jumping and funny faces start. 

This is what we have been up to lately. Mostly we have just started thawing out from winter. I know I say this every winter but summer can't some soon enough. 

Also sorry Mom, Grandma, and Yia-ma for being so bad at posting pictures.  Winter makes me lazy and being Coco's mom makes me tired. I would say that I will be better but I don't like making promises I can't keep. Love you!

Happy Thursday!  

ps. We just celebrated our 3rd house-i-versary last month! Woohoo! Also I checked, it's a thing. I swear.