Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Our Christmas

I haven't posted on here in a couple months so we have a bit of catching up to do. I'll start with Christmas and then I'll have to go back and post our Thanksgiving/Disneyland pictures another time. 

We have had a really great December. It's been a lazy and cold December but a really good one. I always feel like Christmas is kicked off with the annual Wells Christmas parade. I look forward to it every year. The biggest bonus is it goes right by our house so we can just walk on over. It was extra cold this year. 
 Spotting Santa!
 The parade was super fun. It was especially fun when one of the people shot jolly ranchers to the crowd and Amelia took one right to the forehead. 

We also hit up the annual Christmas party at the local library. They do fun crafts and Santa comes to read stories. Basically I refuse to pay and/or wait in line for Santa so this is the girls chance to see him. They both like him from afar. 
They both made "Reindeer food" at the library and we talked about it every day until Christmas. They could not wait to put it on the lawn so the reindeer could find our home. 

We also threw a little Christmas Eve Eve pajama party. I forgot to take pictures but it was so fun. Everyone came in pajamas and we had tons of food and a little ginger bread house making contest. I love a good competition. Hopefully we can make it an annual thing and I can figure out a way to have more people come without getting too overwhelmed. 

Christmas Eve we spent the day playing games and eating party leftovers. We also dressed up in festive clothes and took the girls to the movies which was great. We saw Sing and Brian and I laughed out loud the whole time.
Post movie happiness. 

We don't have a lot of traditions that we stick to but one that we always do is Brian reading the girls The Night Before Christmas in pajamas. I have to say I love the anticipation of Christmas more than Christmas itself. Before the presents its all about love and hanging out together. 
 This year I used my old Stendig calendar pages as wrapping paper. I think I saw someone do that last year on IG and loved the idea. Plus...recycling!
One of my all time favorite Holiday traditions is Christmas cards. I LOVE sending them out and receiving them. We run out to the mail box everyday to check for cards. Seriously send me ALL THE CARDS. 
We put out some treats for Santa and the reindeer. We also put out a little note the girls wrote for him. They were REAL excited about it. 
 Sprinkling their Reindeer food on the lawn. 

This next picture is random but I can't stop laughing. As soon as Coco came up the stairs she was taking off her boots. She is such a character. 

After the girls were in bed I wrapped the rest of the presents and set up Santa's gifts. We ate the goodies and wrote a little note from Santa. 

Christmas morning excitement! She was confused that Santa came and there was no snow though. She insisted it wasn't Christmas yet. All around us there was still snow but our house was all melted. Bummer. But we assured here Santa had come and the excitement sunk in. 
 For at least a month Amelia has been asking for a small standing elephant from Santa. Easy girl to please. 

Coco had the best reaction for this horse calendar. She kept saying, "I love it, it's so great". This age is so fun because they get excited over everything. 

Post church and finally getting to play with all the presents. Such sweet kids. 

It was another great Christmas! I love the holidays but I am also very excited to take all the Christmas decor down. The girls have been playing with all their goods for the last two days and we have been soaking up Brian being off work in the laziest ways. Movies, food, and repeat. Back to reality tomorrow and lets get working on our resolutions. So long 2016...you were good to us but I love a new year and the promise of a fresh start. 

I hope everyone had an equally wonderful Christmas and have a Happy New Year!