Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Our Halloween

Halloween is my favorite holiday. It's the only holiday I really decorate for and we obviously love to dress up. This year we went back and forth a lot but Amelia ended up picking our costumes. Tangled was a theme we could all get on board with and excited about. It's getting harder and harder to come up with something that everyone is happy with so our group costume days are numbered.  
The big statement piece for the costumes was the wig I made for Amelia. It was a labor of love and really the only thing I made. My mom made the rest as usual. She really could open up a custom costume store. 
his wig took me about 4 hours to make. The thing that took the longest is the unwinding and laying out each individual piece. I used two skeins . The unwinding alone took 2-3 hours and then we sewed sections together and glued them on. Almost like extension pieces. I also thinned it out once all the hair was on because it was way too heavy. But all the work was worth it because she loved it and it completed the whole look. 
Our first party was our Church trunk or treat. The girls loved seeing all their friends dressed up and helping me decorate for the party. 
Our trunks had to me moved indoors due to weather but I think it turned out great. Brian decorated the booth and handed out candy while I took the girls around. I LOVE that he gets into it. He added the crown in his satchel and I couldn't stop laughing. So cute. 

It got a little late for poor little Pascal. She kept using her tail to balance on the ground. Cutest Pascal around, although most people just thought she was a frog. 

The next night we went to a Halloween party at a local farm. They had another trunk or treat, food, games, and a horse parade. As in the horses were dressed up and they did a little parade. The girls LOVED it. 

Once we finally made it to the actual day I was feeling pretty beat. Well mostly I was hungover from all the candy. The girls were up and ready to party. 
Lately when I tell them I'm taking their pictures all they want to do is jump off things and then look at every picture.

My tangled/Halloween decor. I'm not much of a holiday decorator. Mostly just chalkboards and banners. Basic. 

Halloween night we went to downtown Kennebunk trick or treating. We go from store to store and its great for little kids. Not a lot of walking but a lot to see. I love it because it's still light out so I get to see all the costumes and we don't have to walk on dark streets. 
Hoss and I ended up dressing a little more casually. He was a cowboy and I wore my regular clothes with a witch hat. Coco was also done dressing up too.
Kennebunk is the cutest downtown with the best New England vibe. 

I am always sad to say goodbye to Halloween and October. I can feel winter breathing down my neck and I'm not ready at all. I hope everyone had a fun, safe, and sugary Halloween. Until next year!

Happy November!