Thursday, September 22, 2016

First day of Fall!

Happy first day of fall!! I, along with everyone else, love fall. Since moving to Maine I have actually been more into summers....until this one. This summer was hot, humid, and so so many bugs. I have never been more excited for fall. A bout of Lyme and 525,600 mosquito bites will do that to a girl. My porch is decorated and I can't stop buying pumpkins. We even chopped the corn stalks down from the garden and have them drying out front. Taking this fall to the next level. I got my leaf peeping app and sweaters all ready. 

We are doing a co op preschool with our friends. We started it last year and it went really well. We take turns to teach the kids, we all get a break, and save some money. This year Coco is joining the other kids so we'll see how that goes. I took some first day photos that are darling. 

The other day I heard one of the local fairs opens up the animals to the public for free during the day. Since that is the only reason we go to the fair I jumped at the chance and took the girls. Sometimes it's hard getting the girls up and out the door but when I said, "Do you want to go see some animals" they both did a full sprint to their room and didn't argue once about the their shirt feeling funny or the socks being twisty.

These girls could hang out with farm animals all day. 

On our way home from the Rochester fair we passed Chase Farms in Wells and I saw the horses were out in the field. Of course we had to stop. 
Can't leave without picking up a couple of pumpkins.

Happy Autumn!