Monday, August 29, 2016

Amelia Turns Four!

Warning: Picture Heavy

Amelia turned four last week! Time is flying and we are just hanging on. Amelia's birthday theme could not be more appropriate for her. I asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday and she said "I want my friends to come over for coloring, play dough, and a rainbow cake". She is so joyful, colorful, artistic, and loves her friends. We started birthday celebrations by inviting friends over the day before her birthday for a play date. I ended up going a bit overboard and we had 20 kids and 6 adults in our small house. It was chaotic but Amelia was in heaven. I love a theme so we had rainbow details all around the house. 

We even stumbled on this rainbow shirt at target a few days before.  So perfect. She really felt so special and loved. 

These are the only picture I got during the party (well a little before). There were so many people that I completely forgot to take any pictures. 

The day before Amelia and I worked hard making rainbow cupcakes. She loves baking so we have taken it up as a hobby. I am not a fan of baking but doing it with Amelia has made me actually start to enjoy it a little. 

Luckily a friend that was over for the party made my cupcakes look even better by frosting them for she is an actual cake decorator.  

I was completely exhausted after but Amelia seemed to have a great time. She has been asking every day since when she is going to have another party.

That night while we were eating dinner Brian looked outside and noticed a rainbow. What luck! Honestly, Amelia has so much joy I wouldn't be surprised if she conjured it herself. Seriously she is such a special kid. She is so easy to be around and her enthusiasm is contagious. She has softened my heart so much and I feel so fortunate to have been picked to be part of her life. 

On Amelia's actual birthday we had the whole day planned to do all things Amelia. We actually had to wake her up early because Brian locked his keys in the car at the beach and had to run 3 miles But she wakes up happy anyway. Everyday. 
On our way home from getting Brian's car we picked up the tradition birthday donuts. Rainbow confetti of course. 
She got to open up a few presents before Brian left for work. One being this giant life size ridiculous dog that only a Yia-yia would send. However the girls love it and so I kind of love it too. I'm not sure what Coco is doing in the picture. But really what is Coco ever doing. 
 After trying any name I could think of for this dog, Amelia named it Flush. Because potty humor is sooooo funny to a 4 year old....and her dad. 

It ended up raining for most the morning so our beach plans were not going to happen. When I told Amelia we couldn't go to the beach in the morning she said, "That's okay mom, this is better because now dad can go with us later". I'm telling much happiness in one little body.  We played with new toys all day and watched a movie. When Brian got home from work we got packed up and spent the entire evening at the beach. It ended up being an amazingly beautiful night and Amelia spent most of it having her first surf lesson. The stoke on her face when she came back in is permanently etched in my mind. 

After our evening at the beach we were home for presents and cake.   
 The cake was supposed to be a rainbow cloud cake...i'll stick to my day job. 

I've heard four is a pretty magical age. I can already tell it is going to be such a fun year with this girl. I feel overwhelmed with my adoration of her. I look up to her and her ability to brighten every day.  She is so kind and understanding and will make anyone an optimist. She is a rainbow in the clouds. Happy birthday Millie!!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Blueberry Picking

We have lived in Maine for over 2 years and have not gone blueberry picking yet. Basically we have been living in sin. While I have learned that you are only a true Mainer if you were born here there are some things one must do to fit it. Blueberry picking is one of those things. Well we finally gave it a try and it turns out its really fun!

Amelia and Coco were so excited they told everyone at daycare how excited they were and they put on their special blueberry picking dresses.  
 Coco mostly sat on this chair.  She wasn't into the picking...only the eating. 
 Some of the most delicious blueberries I've ever had. Next time we will bring home a lot more but apparently toddlers don't last long in the sun. 

Friday, August 5, 2016

Coco: 2 Years Old!!

2 Years!!

We had a great weekend celebrating Coco! She woke up to balloons on the couch which is apparently all a 2 year old needs for their birthday. 

We went to church after some breakfast. Coco picked out her outfit for church which consisted on a pink princess dress and a pink winter vest with a fur hood. She wore the vest, hood and all, throughout the entire 3 hours church service. We also made some cookies for her to bring for her friends in nursery. I didn't know that she would really understand but I could tell she was feeling really special. 

After church, during Coco's nap, Amelia and I wrapped Coco's presents (mostly from Yia-yia and Auntie Linzi) and made her cake. Amelia LOVES baking so this was really fun to do together. 
When Coco was up from her nap it was present time and Amelia couldn't wait to give her the present she picked out. She really thought hard about it and was so happy for Coco to have it. These two really love each other. 

After presents was the cake. This was my first time making a cake with layers, so I wasn't sure how the inside would come out. Amelia picked out all the colors and she did the polka dots on the outside of the cake with Brian's help. I think it turned out so cute for our first cake together. 
We made a small cake becauseI didn't really want a ton of cake leftover....I would be the one that eats it. 
 If you look close you can see frosting on Coco's eye. She really dug in . 

After our little celebration we went to the beach. Coco got some new beach toys so we had to try them out. We had the perfect evening hanging out at the beach, water fighting, and checking out crabs followed by ice cream of course.

Coco is a two year old through and through. She is so fantastically funny and quirky. She has a great sense of humor and imagination. She loves hard and gives attitude like i've never seen. She is smart, bossy, shy (at times), and so loving. All of her emotions are very big in a tiny little body. Everyday when I pick her up at the gym daycare she drops whatever she is doing and runs full force for a hug. She is caring and loves her sister so much. She calls Amelia "Mel Mel" and usually says it a yell. I hope that never changes. Coco is a doer and I know she is going to be successful in whatever she does...or she'll at least be the life of the party. Love you Coco!