Saturday, July 30, 2016

Coco: 23 Months

Thanks for the help with the chalkboard Coco. 

23 Months
-First haircut (kinda, just the bangs)
-Loves climbing and jumping
-Favorite movie: Good Dinosaur
-Still napping, still uses a pacifier...yikes
-Asks everyday to see animals
-Life of the party, without actually trying.
-Still a redhead :)
-Very girly and very adventurous.
-Coco in three words: Hilarious, sassy, and sweet.

Since tomorrow is Coco's birthday I figure I should quickly get up to date on her growth. I keep getting behind because Coco doesn't make it easy to sit down on the computer. But that's okay because no body really cares except me :) 

Here is her 23 month pajama picture with fantastic bed head. 
We are kicking off Coco's birthday celebration today. We decided to let her pick what we are going to do. She loves donuts so we walked down for some early morning goodies. When I asked what she wanted to do for her birthday she was very decisive; swings and animals. So that's what we are doing. We already hit up the swings and after a minute of downtown we will head out to see some animals. 

Coco is the human sour patch kid. First she punches you in the face and then when you say "ouch" she grabs your cheeks and sweetly says "I sorry" and kisses your nose. She is so cuddly and sweet while simultaneously giving you a heart attack by leaping off the couch long jump style. She is a doer and a little comedian. She brings so much joy and laughter into our home. She has also mellowed me out a little bit and helped me to realize that kids need to be kids and climbing trees is fun. Looking forward to celebrating miss Coco all weekend!

ps. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child comes out tomorrow.  ahhhh yeah! 

Friday, July 8, 2016

Coco: 21 & 22 Months/ 4th of July

I am WAY behind on Coco's growth timeline. I am good at taking the pictures but...I don't really want to take the time to upload, edit, and put them online. Basically i'm just saying that I'm in super lazy summer mode. When the weather is nice most things just fall away including dishes, laundry, and pretty much anything that involves being an adult. So enough about my shortcomings and inability to multitask. Here are Coco's pictures:

This is legit the best picture I could get. She is all over the map. One minute she is crying like this and then next she is cracking up.
Started climbing out of her crib around 21 months. We have her "big girl" bed frame we just need to get a mattress. In the meantime we lowered the one side of her crib so she can climb out safely. 

21 & 22 Months
-Climbing out of crib.
-Loves going to preschool (the gym daycare).
-Hilarious. Makes us laugh ALL day long.
-Loves Daniel Tiger and Tangled.
-Started swimming at the Y and pretends to be Arlo
from The Good Dinosaur.
-Favorite thing: Swings at the park (calls them baby fings).
-No longer crying in nursery. Woohoo!
-Terrible Twos are starting early...
-Super dramatic but also incredibly sweet.
-Loves playing "mommy" to all her babies.

Since I am so lazy I am just going to make this a two birds kind of post and put up 4th of July pictures too. My mom bought the girls cute holiday dresses and they both let me put bows in their hair. Victory. We had a really great holiday. Spent the day at the beach as is our tradition. The weather was perfect and we spent the day outside. After we put the girls to bed we watched the beach fireworks from our kitchen window. Brian ended up waking up Amelia to enjoy the fireworks with us. A really great day and one of my favorite holidays. 
A little throwback :)
In love with the picture.