Thursday, May 19, 2016

California 2016

The girls and I just got back from a 2 weeks trip to California. The vacation dust has settled and we are getting back into our routine. It's always hard to say bye to family so we are already planning our next trip. I'm going to start by saying that I did a terrible job at taking pictures but I'll post what I have. 

The reason for the trip was for Greek Easter. My mom was hosting this year and 60 family members were coming to town. I went out a little early to paint my parents kitchen cabinets (check that out here.) It was a ton of work but I do love a good DIY project. I can't wait to see it all finished. Other than painting we spent out days outside with our cousins. The weather was perfect and my parents yard was heaven for the girls. 

When all our family came into town it felt like a weekend at summer camp. We played badminton, baggo, and sang around the fire. It was a really great weekend.My parents threw a fun and relaxing Greek Easter celebration with the best lamb I've ever had.  No joke. Here's a couple pictures that I managed to take. 
My dad could seriously be a grill professional. I don't even like lamb all that much but I was licking the lamb pop bone clean it was so good.  
Heather had the winning egg...although it was technically her second egg. She is rewarded good fortune for a year :)

When we get together with our cousins we always try and get some pictures of them. We also do out best to match them because that is what moms do. I got to try out my new lens and the pictures turned out pretty cute. 
  My girls were not the most cooperative, but still cute. 

It was a really fun trip and it always feels too short. Although after flying with two kids for 6 hours (one way) I usually need some significant time in between trips. I did convince my mom and sister to fly back with me. I'll post those pictures soon. 

Until next time California!

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