Thursday, March 17, 2016

Coco: 19 Months & St. Patrick's Day

19 Months
-A total daredevil. Climbs and jumps off everything.
-Loves singing & dancing.
-Has a really good memory for songs.
-Loves watching Mother Goose Story time & Daniel Tiger.
-Hides to jump out and scare us. All the time.
-Hates being in the cold...hates it. 
-Will sit in the swing (at the playground) for hours if we let her. 
-LOVES wearing big girl underwear over her diaper. LOVES.
-Still so sassy and feisty but equally sweet. 

It is nearly impossible to take pictures of this girl lately. I have to bribe her just to sit still let alone smile. If I get a smiling picture it is just pure luck. Coco is such a character and makes us laugh constantly. She sings along to music in the car and gets excited about everything. She is so sweet and funny but not at all friendly with strangers. She mean mugs everyone and is always happy to say bye. Such a stinker. I wish everyone could see her kooky personality because she is really funny but doesn't let anyone else see. Brian says that is exactly like me...

19 Month Pajama picture:
 See that little shiner on her right eye. She fell off the couch and hit her eye on the baseboard heater. This girl gives me daily anxiety attacks. 

Here is the real deal pajama picture.  Lately when I go in the girl's room to get them up Coco is always naked. Sometimes in a diaper...sometimes birthday suit. Why do some kids insist on taking off their clothes?
 Excuse the painters tape. This was right before I painted the door. Post on that soon.

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day with a little fun this year. We made a leprechaun trap the day before and Amelia was so excited to check it the next morning. We blew up some balloons and the girls got little headbands, jelly beans, a rainbow breakfast, and some green milk. The girls LOVED it.  
 We didn't have a leprechaun so Brian was eating lucky charms the night before and suggested I cut the guy off the front. It was a hit. Kids are easy to please at this age. 

 A little holiday photo sesh...courtesy of jelly beans. 
We ended the holiday with my first ever attempt at corned beef and cabbage. I had to tweak the recipe quite a bit because of Whole 30 but it turned out really great. It took me right back to when my mom would make it growing up. Overall it was a successful celebration. It's fun making a big deal over little things when the kids are this age. I don't know how long they will get excited about this stuff but I'll keep going while they are. 

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

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