Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Colette: 18 Months

18 Months
-Talking ALL the time. And starting to try and identify letters.
-Loves shoes and hats. Wakes up asking for shoes.
-Started nursery. Loves it....mostly.
-Has peed on the potty a handful of times.
-Climbs everything. 
-Loves reading, singing, and dancing.

This age is really one of the best. Coco is changing so much day to day. She is always on the move, very loud, incredibly sassy, dramatic, and also extremely sweet. She is very adventurous and doesn't hold back at all. We call her our hype girl because she is always stoked and cheering us on. She is game for anything and dances anytime she hears a beat. She is very polite and almost always says (or signs) please and thank you. She can be a little shy still around others and she has a legitimate resting b*tch face. I count down to bed time with her and then instantly miss her when she is asleep. Our cup runneth over with these girls.
She did NOT want to take pictures. At all.
When I was pulling up this months pictures I realized that I never posted pictures of the girls in their Christmas dresses. They were too cute not to document. Better late than never.

Cheese face. Cute...
Put these girls in pretty dresses and it's twirling time. 

Happy Tuesday!

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