Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Colette: 17 Months & Snow!

17 Months
-First snow of the season!
-Starting to enjoy coloring and crafts.
-Loves all books involving farm animals. Especially cows.
-Steals all of Amelia's toys and runs to hide.
-Down to 1 nap a day...
-Still very destructive and loves wrestling. 
-Always pats your back when you pick her up. My favorite. 

Lately Coco has been loving taking pictures so this month was fun. I have to share a few extra because she would run and sit, say cheese, run to look at the picture, and repeat. Too cute. 

Pajama picture of the month. 

We had crazy warm weather for the holiday followed by a nice little blanket of snow. We hit beach in sweatshirts one day to snowsuits the next. 
Coco is 100% posing in this picture. She is so full of personality.
The girls love the snow. This was really Coco's first time playing in it and she seemed to dig it. Me on the other hand, I like it fine...from the inside. My shoulder is sore from shoveling and I am counting down until summer. But if the girls like it I will throw on my gloves and a smile and at least pretend.
Always with the "cheese" face.

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