Friday, December 18, 2015

Colette: 16 Months

.:16 Months:.
16 Months
-Sharing a room with Amelia!
-Loves to hide and jump out to scare us. The best!
-Still climbing, jumping, and yelling all the time.
-Thinks everything Christmas related is Santa.
-Has peed on the potty a handful of times.
-Loves dancing and singing made up songs with Amelia.
-Obsessed with her pacifier...
-Has monster molars coming in and is very vocal about it.

Pajama pics. 
She goes from sassy to sweet and back real quick.
We are having such a fun time with Coco. I think most people can agree that this age is really the best. She is hilarious and such a fireball. She regularly hides around corners and waits to jump out and yell boo. I legit get scared which cracks her up. My favorite thing right now is watching her language develop. She talks A LOT. She really knows what she is saying and occasionally the right words come out. Mostly it's a lot of toddler gibberish. She also loves to celebrate everything by screaming "Yay!". Even if it's just walking into the store, Coco celebrates. 

So moral of this post is we love her just the way she is. A whole lot of joy in a tiny package. 

ps//Amelia always insists on posing for pictures when I take Coco's. She looks 3 going on 12 in these. Just the sweetest kid. Until I let her watch too much TV and then watch out. Just kidding...mostly. 

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