Saturday, October 3, 2015

Pumpkin Valley Farm

It's October so that means it's pumpkin, candy corn, and cider time. I think everyone has a list of fall must do activities. We checked off apple picking and up next was a corn maze. I have never done a corn maze before so I was excited. I found a place nearby that has a gigantic (6 acre) corn maze, animals, hay ride, and a pumpkin patch. It was a beautiful drive through farm country and perfect for leaf peeping. Checking off all sorts of fall bucket list boxes. 
The girls were running around like crazy and wanted to spend most of their time hanging with the animals. After using all my quarters to feed the goats we hit up all the other activities
The corn maze was surprisingly fun. I was apprehensive about going in with the girls by myself. I have no sense of direction and a 1 year old and a 3 year old as navigation buddies, didn't sound like the wisest idea. When we started the maze I had Amelia pick the directions which was so cute. She would tell me left, right, or straight and it usually ended up okay. There was one moment of panic when I was going in circles and could not figure out which way to go. I decided to start to take the paths that looked like they had been walked on the most and it worked cause the rest of the maze went really smooth. The girls LOVED it! I was really surprised that it was as fun as it was. After we were done I seriously considered going again, but it took us an no.
 From the "lifted" bridge in the center of the maze.

 Playing in the corn pit.
The girls are getting to an age that is so fun. They are excited about everything and it makes me feel little like a kid again. But seriously though...corn won't regret it.

Happy October!

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