Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Leaf Peeping

I LOVE leaf peeping. Love it. I try not to admit that to anyone though because leaf peepers are real annoying. It's people driving way too slow, stopping in the road, and tour bus loads full of peepers causing traffic. However, I don't think the leaves changing will ever get old for me. I find myself taking 400 pictures and driving old highway roads to soak it all in.

I accidentally went leaf peeping today. We went to our usual Wednesday story time at the library. After the library I promised the girls I would take them to a pumpkin patch. Well the pumpkin patch was a bust and they just ended up throwing small pumpkins at each other. I basically ran out of there embarrassed. On the way home the girls both fell asleep. Since they don't transfer well I decided to drive around a little. Well I ended up about 45 miles away from home in Wolfeboro, NH. It was so so so pretty!! It is a small town right on the edge of Lake Winnipesaukee. We snapped some pictures and enjoyed the view with a couple busloads of peepers. 
These two are always holding hands. In fact Amelia wont let go for anything...even 
if Coco is being drug behind her. 
 Hard to believe we are halfway through October and still not at peak foliage. Those are peeping terms.
 Finally Coco is starting to smile for the camera.
We had a nice drive home but the girls were bursting with energy from sitting in the car. We played with the pumpkins on the porch for a good hour when we got home.
 Pumpkins from a pumpkin head.
 This picture is so Coco. Always yelling and being silly.

Overall it was a successful leaf peeping fall day. I'm sure I will make Brian spend at least one more day driving around looking at foliage before the season is over. I am gonna have no problem finding my seat on those tour buses one day. 

Happy Wednesday! 

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