Friday, October 16, 2015

Colette: 14 Months & October

14 Months
-Starting to say more words. Goose, socks, ball, yes, & no...
-Always on the move. Still climbs EVERYTHING. 
-Loves loves reading. Big Red Barn is her all time favorite.
-Loves dancing and music. Specifically Taylor Swift. 
-Making animal noises: dog, cats, cow, duck, monkey...
-Loves to play "Going to school".  Basically putting a backpack on, 
waving goodbye, and walking down the hall. 
Pajama pictures with a Amelia and Coral (the pig) cameo.
I feel like October is always such a busy month. There doesn't seem to be enough time to fit all the fun Autumn activities in. We are trying though. Unfortunately I have also come down with the head cold from hell so my poor girls have been stuck inside for most of this week. Hopefully I can shake this cold soon and we can get back to our regularly scheduled October. 

This month we actually started to participate in a preschool co-op with some friends. We each take a turn with all the kids and get a break the other 3 weeks. Amelia gets to play with her friends (and possibly learn something) and I get some alone time with Coco. Win win. The first week was at our house and she was so thrilled. I made her take the cheesiest of pictures outside. I already know that she will love when she gets to go to school. Such a sweet girl.
The rest of October we've been hitting pumpkin patches, leaf peeping, reading, walks to the beach, and hanging with Goosey. 

Last I wanted to leave you with these gems. When I uploaded this pictures from my camera this selfie popped up. My girls sure know how to work the camera. 
Amelia's pic reminded me of this selfie Coco brought us a few months ago. Yep, this still makes me laugh out loud. 

Happy Friday!!!

ps// 15 Days until Halloween!

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