Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Apple Picking

Every week we go to a playgroup with a bunch of friends. To kick off the season we decided to have an apple picking activity. I quickly learned that it is basically blasphemy that I have lived in New England for 2 years and haven't been. It's some sort of rite of passage here. Well now I can say that we have been apple picking. So once I start wearing a Tom Brady jersey and put on my Red Sox hat (unlikely) I will officially be in the club. We'll just start with the apples for now. 

Amelia was beyond thrilled when I told her what we were doing. Mostly because anything that involves her friends, she is in. If you can't tell from the below picture, she can barely contain the excitement. No joke. 

We went to Mcdougall Orchards in Springvale. They gave us a little tour, gave us our bags, we took a little tractor ride, and then we picked apples. Amelia took off into the orchard immediately and her bag was quickly full.  Coco stumbled around the uneven ground and picked up rotten apples. Overall I would call it a success.

We finished our apple picking day with cider donuts, another New England classic. We obviously have had those before, because...donuts. 

While I am sad, really really sad, to say goodbye to this summer I love the traditions (and weather!) that fall brings. It really was one of the best summers I've had. I suppose we just need to follow that up with a wonderful fall as well. Up next is camping in Bar Harbor. We are gonna peep those leaves so hard. 

Happy Tuesday and First day of Autumn tomorrow!

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