Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Acadia National Park

Since we moved to Maine we have been wanting to make a trip to Acadia National Park. So in honor of me turning 30 we spent a long weekend camping on Mount Desert Island. I was so excited and so so anxious about taking a 1 year old and 3 year old camping. I will say, it was not easy and also super exhausting, but totally worth it. Acadia and Bar Harbor lived up to the hype.

We stayed in a KOA and our campsite was on the water. It was ridiculously beautiful and real full of mosquitoes. 
Our first night there we set up camp, cooked some dinner and watched the sunset. It all felt really magical. 
It was so relaxing until we tried to go to bed. It was so so hard to get Coco to sleep in the tent, it was cold, and when she woke up screaming in the middle of the night multiple times I was rethinking this whole thing. 

We survived the first night and put on our hiking shoes for a full day ahead. Our first stop was Bass Harbor Light House.  It was a quaint lighthouse with the prettiest little hike.
This girl loves hiking and getting dirty.
We hit a point on our second hike where the girls were done. Everyone was feeling the effects from the night before.

I thought these trees were so spooky looking. Probably because I am watching Once Upon A Time right now but it reminded my of a dark part in a fairytale. 
We drove around the southwest side of the Island while the girls napped and then retired to our campground around dinner time. Our little ginger has the most mischievous face. She is always up to no good.
Our second night went much better and we woke up much more refreshed and ready for another day of hiking. We headed to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park. You guys, it was insanely pretty. Everything looked like a postcard. The combination of dark green trees, deep blue ocean, and rock mountains is so beautiful. I can only imagine in a few weeks when the leaves change. It would be worth a drive up again for sure.
I seriously did not edit these pictures! I have been to a lot of beautiful places but I think Maine might be my favorite.
I am really excited for when the girls are a little older and we can take full advantage of Mount Dessert Island. It is an ideal spot for adventure. I can't wait to hike, bike, and kayak all over this mountain.
The top of Cadillac Mountain.

In the meantime we spent a lot of time exploring the island via car due to some seriously exhausted kids. The never lasted more than ten minutes before falling asleep, the mark of a good vacation.
Our last night we finally figured out how to keep everyone warm. We also went to sleep at 8pm which was pretty awesome. We got up with the sun and had the most Maine view ever. A lobster boat sunrise in the harbor.
While I can see why people don't take their one year old camping, I am so glad we did. We had such a good time and I can't wait to go back. Also if you are ever in Maine, Acadia is a must see.

Happy Tuesday!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Apple Picking

Every week we go to a playgroup with a bunch of friends. To kick off the season we decided to have an apple picking activity. I quickly learned that it is basically blasphemy that I have lived in New England for 2 years and haven't been. It's some sort of rite of passage here. Well now I can say that we have been apple picking. So once I start wearing a Tom Brady jersey and put on my Red Sox hat (unlikely) I will officially be in the club. We'll just start with the apples for now. 

Amelia was beyond thrilled when I told her what we were doing. Mostly because anything that involves her friends, she is in. If you can't tell from the below picture, she can barely contain the excitement. No joke. 

We went to Mcdougall Orchards in Springvale. They gave us a little tour, gave us our bags, we took a little tractor ride, and then we picked apples. Amelia took off into the orchard immediately and her bag was quickly full.  Coco stumbled around the uneven ground and picked up rotten apples. Overall I would call it a success.

We finished our apple picking day with cider donuts, another New England classic. We obviously have had those before, because...donuts. 

While I am sad, really really sad, to say goodbye to this summer I love the traditions (and weather!) that fall brings. It really was one of the best summers I've had. I suppose we just need to follow that up with a wonderful fall as well. Up next is camping in Bar Harbor. We are gonna peep those leaves so hard. 

Happy Tuesday and First day of Autumn tomorrow!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Colette: 13 Months

  13 Months
-Finally loving books. Especially book with animals.
-Climbing/standing/jumping on everything.
-Loves the ocean and beach.
-So so loud. Yells and squeals about everything.
-Obsessed with her paci and lovey.  
-Barks at every dog and cat that walks by.
-8 teeth. She loudly lets me know about every single one. 
-So. much. fun. She is hilarious and fiery and silly. 
-Loves giving high fives and besos (kisses).
-Always on the move. Shadows her sister and dad. 
-Dances anytime there is music, especially Taylor Swift. 

This age is so much fun and so challenging. She is so sweet and happy but does not like to sit still for very long. At this age Amelia would read books and sit through a whole movie. Coco is barely getting into books and wont sit still for more than 10 minutes. 

Last week we were having a little heat wave. Normally we head to the beach but after 5 days in a row at the beach I decided to change it up and beat the heat by taking the girls to the movies. I made a couple of mistakes in my timing but we got to the movies around 1 to see Inside Out. Amelia is potty trained...but...sometimes when she is playing she doesn't want to miss it and will have an accident. So we got all settled in and as soon as the previews were ending, Amelia peed on the seat. Awesome. Luckily the seats were leather but this meant going to the restroom and missing the first ten minutes of the movie. Once we got back in we sat down and Coco was having none of it. She was tired and wanted to walk around. I let her walk for a little bit but there were other people there. I eventually put her in the stroller and walked in the isle. Well she wasn't having that either. I ended up in the lobby (checking in with Amelia every three
minutes) until Coco finally fell asleep. I watched the last 10 minutes of the movie. Moral of the story: A 1 year old is not a good movie companion. Amelia loved it but I think we'll stick with the beach until Coco is at least 3.

When I sat down to finally update this post I realized I never posted Coco's monthly pajama pictures. So here they are...



Happy Friday!

ps// Hopefully I will be better at posting on time. I have been stepping away from the computer and social media for a bit. Trying to make 30 my healthiest year yet and that takes up most of my time :)