Thursday, August 6, 2015

Colette: 1 Year!!!

Our little baby Coco turned 1 last week! This is such a fun age and we are really trying to enjoy every minute of it. We celebrated Coco turning one in California with a party (more on that in another post) and taking WAY too many pictures. First I want to take a ridiculous journey down memory lane with all 52 weeks...
1 Year
-Walking! Almost running. 
-Climbing everything.
-Nicknames: Coco, Coco Bean, Cookie
-Spent my first night away from her. 
-Words: Mom, Dad, Yia-Yia, Papa, Mel-ya (Amelia), Goosey, baby
-Signs: More, all done, bottle
-Loves waving to everyone and pointing.
-Fake laughs all the time. Love it. 
-First time to the west coast (and the Pacific ocean)
-Obsessed with dogs. 
-6 teeth
-Gibberish baby talk.
-Dad is her favorite person. Amelia a close second.

Colette is hilarious and sweet. She is also very spunky and full of personality. We truly adore her. 
What a difference a year makes.
When Amelia turned 1 I took a picture of the sky on her birthday at the exact time she was born. Well, when you do it for one you have to do it for the next kid right. So here it is....
Happy First Birthday Coco!

 ps// have a couple more birthday and vacation posts coming soon. 

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