Thursday, August 27, 2015

Amelia is 3!

Amelia turned three yesterday! Time is the ultimate thief, I guess. We are very blessed to have her in our family and she is as sweet as they come. She definitely has her toddler moments and is finding her voice but has always been so laid back and kind. 
 Looking back year to year is so much fun. When we celebrated her first birthday it was Brian's first day of work and  we were in a hotel room in New Hampshire looking for a place to live. Her second birthday we had just brought a new baby into the home. She always goes with the flow but I was so excited to give her a day all to herself this year.
She was very aware that it was her birthday this year. We have been talking about it and what she wanted to do for weeks. She woke up bright and early (or as she says, "the sun is awake" and was beyond thrilled when we confirmed that it was finally the day. She ran full speed to find balloons all over the couch and a new doll (from Aunt Linzi). I thought she was going to lose her mind. She couldn't believe it was for her. She also got a surprise doughnut for breakfast.
The rest of the day we went to the Dr, walked to the beach, and played at the playground. It was a regular day but everywhere she went she let everyone know it was her birthday and I could tell she felt so special.
Before her birthday we asked her what she wanted to do. She wanted to go on a trolley ride. We have a local beach trolley and every time we walk to the beach she begs to ride the trolleys. So on this special occasion we gave in and took a trolley ride. She seriously talked about it all day and couldn't wait for dad to get home to ride the trolley.
The picture above they actually saw the trolley as I was taking the picture so you can almost see the excitement on their faces. She was so happy. I mean she was so full of joy it was contagious. Who knew that a $2 trolley ride could do that? Oh to be 3 again.  They let her ring the bell at a stop and sang happy birthday to her. I think she will talk about this for a long time.
We made a trolley stop at our favorite ice cream place, Scoop Deck.
When we got back from our ride around town Amelia had a cupcake and opened the rest of her presents. I promise there was dinner in there too, not just ice cream and cupcakes :)
It was such a fun day. It really was the perfect way to celebrate Amelia. I am so glad she asked to go on the trolley because it was so simple and yet we had such a good time. She has so much joy and excitement that I look forward to seeing her every morning when she wakes me up with the sun. She is just how I imagined she would be. 

 Happy Birthday!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Hippo Birdies!

While we were visiting family in California we decided to throw a party for the girls. Coco's birthday was end of July and Amelia's is end of August. Unfortunately for them, since I am lazy, that probably means a lot of combined parties. We had plans to do an elaborate tea party but we had a little wrench in the plans and our elaborate party turned into a BBQ swim party. Turns out....those are really fun and A LOT more relaxing. The food was delicious and the company was fantastic.

I obviously started the day taking an absurd amount of pictures. Getting Amelia to pose for pictures now is as if I'm torturing her so we only have one of those.
I was actually bad at taking pictures of everyone there or presents or pretty much anything but I did snap a couple pictures of our cousins that came up. So much fun to see them!

So so good. 

Coco was hilarious with the cake situation. She listened and clapped as we sang. Then when we sang to Amelia she slowly picked up her cupcake and then smashed it in her face. It was fantastic. She also devoured the entire thing.  
Now what to do for Brian's birthday...

Happy Monday!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

California Love

We got back to Maine last week from our 4 week summer vacation. We spent the first week in Utah and Idaho and then drove to Northern California for the remainder of the trip. It was mostly swimming, visiting with friends & family, and roasting s'mores in the backyard with a couple touristy activities in the mix. We had a really great time and Amelia has already been asking to go back. 

I have about 1000 pictures to share so we will get right to it.
When I looked outside and saw them in the car I felt like I was seeing the future. These two are such good friends and I can already tell will have so much fun when they are teenagers.

These girls had so much fun together. She has been asking to 
see her "Benny" everyday since.

One of the activities on my list was to ride the skunk train in Willits. Its been around since 1885 and used to be a logging train. I have always known about it but never checked it out, so now was the perfect time. We surprised the kids and they were beyond stoked. The weather was perfect and the ride took us into a nice spot right in the redwoods.
Wiped out. 

Something we do every time we go to Ukiah is Montgomery Woods. My dad took the morning off and we took the girls for a visit. It really is one my favorite hikes in the world. Its not really a hike, more of a walk but it is fantastic. Surrounded by giants and it looks straight out of Star Wars. 

I was really fortunate that while I was in town a childhood friend was getting married. It was like a mini high school reunion. So good to see all my beautiful friends. When we get together it makes me realize how far away I really live.

Another must on our to do list is shooting with my dad. Before we left we grabbed a bunch of sodas to drink that we could use for targets. When I sat down I noticed that my Diet Coke said Dad and it was super cheesy and fun. Side note: I am terrible at rifle shooting but I can hold my own with a shotgun. So much fun.

Last thing on our must list is the Mendocino coast. We are obviously beach people so if there is one in the vicinity we can't help ourselves.

Speaking of beaches on our way down to stay with family we stopped and spent the afternoon at Ocean Beach in San Fran. Amelia finally got over her ridiculous fear and went in. Also these pictures are unedited, it was a perfect San Francisco beach day.
First time putting her feet in the Pacific.
I forgot the swimsuits...

Until next time...