Saturday, July 18, 2015

Idaho & Utah

This post is coming at you from my California vacation. We just arrived in Ukiah last night and I am beat. The first week of our vacation was a whirlwind. The flight over alone was enough to make me tired all week but once we landed we got right to the activities. 

We were lucky that the night we flew in one of our good friends from college was also in town. We met up and reminisced for a few hours. The best friends are the ones that feel like no time has passed. It was way too short and we miss you already Jermaine (aka Kelly). 

So after staying up too late and throwing our kids headfirst into the time change, we were up early to drive to Idaho Falls. On the way up we stopped at the lava flow rest stop for a little hike. 
Our Idaho vacay was mostly about visiting with family and waxing nostalgic about the good old college days. We hit up the Idaho Museum and walked the greenbelt. 
We were able to visit one of our favorite spots. Mesa falls in Ashton Idaho. We lucked out with amazing weather!
Our second or third date was to Mesa Falls. So much fun being back. 
On our way back from the falls we stopped at the old train tunnel hike in Ashton as well. The views are insane. It really was the perfect Idaho summer day. I miss Idaho summers.
On our way home we took the roundabout way so we could drive passed the Tetons. Another one of our favorite spots. Side note: I climbed to the tippity top 9 years ago. One of the most challenging and fun things I have ever done. 

We also ate at some of our favorite places and had way too much shave ice. Now onto Utah. 

First stop; Thanksgiving Point. We did the dinosaur museum, farm country, museum of creativity, and the botanical gardens. Pretty much the full roster.

Every time she sees a horse she asks is she can ride it. This girl would've stayed on there all day long. 
Botanical Gardens
After spending all day out and about, I thought the perfect thing to do when we got back was take family pictures. I am full of good ideas. Luckily we got some decent pictures with only 1 or 2 meltdowns. 

We also had dinner with some old friends that evening. I am talking friends since diapers old. So much fun. I am lame and didn't take any pictures though. Boo. 

The next day we planned temple square and bowling/mini golf. 
Our last day in Utah was a little more low key. We went to the splash pad and shopping at the gateway and swimming in my sisters pool. 

We spent the next two days driving to California and here we are. Our trip was exhausting and so much fun. Family really is the best. We had a couple of hiccups; like running my nice camera over with the car (no it wasn't salvageable, I just got a new one) and Amelia pooping in my sisters hot tub...Even those things didn't distract from what a great trip it was. I can't wait until we can all get together again. 

The girls and I will be spending the next three weeks swimming and playing in the tree house at my parents house. I miss Brian, Goose, and Maine but I could get used to the swimming pool and my parents home cooking really fast. 

Happy Saturday!

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