Sunday, July 5, 2015

Fourth of July

This year I was really gung ho about Independence Day. I wanted to do ALL THE THINGS. Then I got a nasty chest cold and wanted to lay in bed all day. We compromised with a laid back day and a little celebrating. It also ended up raining but we had a good day regardless of our minor setbacks. We started the day with Brian meeting up with some friends for basketball and we had our traditional breakfast.   
She is totally smitten with Brian right now. Well it's mutual. 
When I took this picture of Coco it immediately reminded me of Amelia's first 4th. 
Goose enjoying breakfast in his usual spot. Amelia LOVES breakfast. We ask her what she wants for dinner and she usually says, "breakfast". 
After breakfast and basketball we walked to the local high school track. It was so simple but we had a great time kicking the ball around, running the track, and practicing our long jump skills. If you follow me on Instagram (@tyoast) or Facebook I shared a video of Brian and Amelia doing the triple jump. So cute! I see track in her future for sure. 

After our family exercise we walked over to pick up some burritos at our favorite spot, Las Olas. Once we were ridiculously full it was time to venture home for naps. After naps we planned on walking to the beach. This is when the rain came so we opted to drive and hang out for a short beach trip. Obviously before the beach I made the girls take pictures in their red, white and blue. 

We had a great time at the beach. Luckily, once we got there the rain cleared up. We walked around, chased seagulls, and looked for crabs. I have to say I don't know that I will ever be able to live away from the beach. I am smitten. 

After the beach we had some BBQ chicken marinating and had planned a nice feast. Well...we were both feeling really lazy and ended up stopping at Mcdonald's on the way home. Just keeping it real...'Murica.  After dinner and bomb pops the girls went to bed and Brian and I enjoyed the fireworks from our sun room. A low key holiday but still a lot of fun.

Happy Sunday!

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