Thursday, June 18, 2015

Colette: 45 & 46 Weeks and Father's Day Pictures

 45 & 46 Weeks
-Took first solo steps!
-Still cries when anyone else tries to hold her.
-Loves the beach and being outside.
-Plays independently really well.
-Climbing the stairs and fireplace.
-Always getting into trouble. Always.
-Still puts everything in her mouth.
-Loud. In the funniest way. 
 I had to include this picture because it was so funny. It reminds my of when you accidentally turn your camera around and you are surprised by your own face. The longer I look the harder I laugh. 

The last two years I have taken pictures of Amelia for a little Father's Day gift. It more like an addition to his gift.

In keeping with tradition I decided to take the girls down to the beach for a little photo shoot. Well trying to take pics at the beach by myself was not easy. Truthfully it was total chaos but I managed to get a couple of cute pictures. Hopefully Brian doesn't read this before Sunday but if he does...Happy Father's Day! We love you!  

 Happy Thursday!

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