Friday, June 5, 2015

Colette: 10 Months

//10 Months//

 10 Months
-Walking with a walker or holding hands.
-Climbing stairs..and everything.
-Really really chatty.
-Thinks everything is a phone.
-So much fun! The best age!
 She wanted to show off her teeth.

Well I obviously got behind on Coco's growth updates. I misplaced my card reader so we are playing a little catch up this week. We are having a lot of fun with the girls ages right now. They are starting to play together and I no longer have to worry about Amelia hurting Coco. She still occasionally pushes her over or takes toys but they are starting to have a lot of fun together. No one can make Coco laugh like Amelia and Amelia is very proud and protective of her sister. 

Lately we have been hanging out at the beach. That is it in a nutshell. We spend all of our free time there and I have a nice sunburn to prove it. I don't want to waste one day of good weather because winter is the worst. We also walk everywhere. I am the weirdo pushing the double stroller through the grocery store piling food on top. I've embraced it. 

On to the pictures...
We spent Memorial Day watching the parade, napping, hanging at a friends "camp", and ice cream of course. (Everyone in Maine refers to their vacay home as camps) 


 We usually make a stop at the park on our way home from the beach. This was Coco's first time in the swing.

We have also started to do a little landscaping and gardening this year. We are new to it but its been fun trying to clean everything up. I can't wait for our garden to start sprouting. 
I asked Amelia to put on her gardening clothes....
 She could lounge outside all day long.
 So excited to find a worm!

Also since Coco just turned 10 months I have her pajama (and standing!) pictures. 

Happy Friday!

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