Friday, May 15, 2015

Colette: 40 & 41 Weeks

40 & 41 Weeks
-Teeth! Just noticed 2 bottom teeth poking through.
-First time in a swing. 
-Standing. For no more than 5 seconds, but it counts.
-Portland Head Lighthouse and Lobster Shack.
-Eats everything. I mean everything.

We have had a fun couple of weeks over here. We had some visitors from California, did some tourist activities, and have spent most of our time outdoors. Coco loves being outside. Well honestly there isn't much that Coco doesn't love. She is happy or chill 98% of the time. So so sweet. The funniest thing about Coco is she yells. All the time. When Brian goes out of her sight she yells for him, "Dada". She yells over and over until he lets her know where he is. She also yells at Amelia for the same reason. Today at the playground she even yelled "Mel" super loud when Amelia was too far away. Her yelling is the cutest thing because it is her way of talking to us.

I even snapped a little picture of her yelling over the stairs. She thinks Brian is downstairs so she often yells down the stairs and waits for him to come up.  Such a weirdy.   
Happy Friday! 

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