Friday, May 15, 2015

Colette: 40 & 41 Weeks

40 & 41 Weeks
-Teeth! Just noticed 2 bottom teeth poking through.
-First time in a swing. 
-Standing. For no more than 5 seconds, but it counts.
-Portland Head Lighthouse and Lobster Shack.
-Eats everything. I mean everything.

We have had a fun couple of weeks over here. We had some visitors from California, did some tourist activities, and have spent most of our time outdoors. Coco loves being outside. Well honestly there isn't much that Coco doesn't love. She is happy or chill 98% of the time. So so sweet. The funniest thing about Coco is she yells. All the time. When Brian goes out of her sight she yells for him, "Dada". She yells over and over until he lets her know where he is. She also yells at Amelia for the same reason. Today at the playground she even yelled "Mel" super loud when Amelia was too far away. Her yelling is the cutest thing because it is her way of talking to us.

I even snapped a little picture of her yelling over the stairs. She thinks Brian is downstairs so she often yells down the stairs and waits for him to come up.  Such a weirdy.   
Happy Friday! 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


This last weekend we were able to take a mini vacation. We spent a long weekend in Pennsylvania with Brian's parents. His parents live in St. Louis and this was a spot that was almost halfway between us. We hit the road with some tentative plans to explore Pennsylvania in true Yoast fashion and we had a fantastic time.

The drive over took us about 12 hours. We took the long way through Vermont and Upstate New York. Really really beautiful . The girls are, luckily, good travelers so the drive was really smooth. We also had Goose with us so we looked a little like a clown car at every stop. 

First attraction on our agenda was Hershey. There is a surprising amount to do in Hershey. They have a theme park, Hershey World, Hershey Factory, botanical gardens, drinking from the chocolate river...We chose to do Hershey world. It is essentially a gigantic chocolate shop with tastings, movies, and recreations of the factory. It didn't disappoint because we all left feeling pretty sick. In a good way.  
That says Welcome to Hershey in the grass. 

Learning how to taste the she had any trouble already. 
Amelia wanted to like the mascot but she was scared. Coco is clueless.....babies.

After Hershey World we stopped by the botanical gardens. They were actually closing soon so we just spent some time walking around the entrance smelling flowers, petting stone kittens, and taking pictures.
Next up on our agenda was visiting a state park. We wanted to hike around and have a more relaxed low key day. We found Memorial Lake Park (I think?) and did a 3 mile hike around the lake. Pennsylvania is gorgeous. I couldn't help but take 600 pictures.

I know I know. Photo overkill. Moving on.

 Our next and also last day in The State of Independence was visiting Amish county. We spent some time in Pie-In-Hand and got a good dose of Amish. We visited a couple shops and ended up at Pie-In-Hand Bake Shop which has obviously baked goods and a lot of Amish made jams.  They also had a little area where kids could feed goats and chickens. Amelia is very much into farm animals right now so this was right up her alley.  
Amelia desperately wanted to ride the horse buggy. This little girl and pony would go by every few minutes and Amelia would scream, "Cam I ride?" So cute. We promised to find more horses before the day was over.
Oh and Coco was there too. This baby is a trooper. Hardly napped and never complained.
After Pie-In-Hand we headed over to Lancaster for some more Amish activities. We found an old Amish house and farm that is now turned into a museum/tourist stop. We learned a little about the culture/religion and toured the house and grounds. Mostly we went in search of a horse for Amelia to pet. But not before taking the cheesiest of pictures.
We are so cool.
We ran into a nice man that is the woodworker and goat keeper on the grounds. He gabbed our ears off about the goats and gave us these sweet little keepsakes. He also gave Amelia some exclusive goat time.
I love this picture because she is really listening to him talk all about the goats. She has always been so observant and loves when people explain things to her. I think this goat was only 5 days old. Such a fun thing for her to experience.
She also got to pet a horse on our way out. Life made. 
Our last stop on the trip was dinner of course. Along the way I read a sign for a restaurant called Hoss's (Brian's college nickname). We had to check it out! Turns out to be a steak and sea(food) house. It was good food and the perfect end to a fun weekend. 
We had such a good time visiting with family and seeing a new part of the country. I think that is one of my favorite things about living in New England. There are so many places to see and thing to do within driving distance. Amelia was devastated to say goodbye so we are already planning our next trip. Until next time...or as Amelia says, "see you next week".

Happy Wednesday!