Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Potty Training & Spring Fun

Well I have found my Mt. Everest. My parenting Everest. Potty training is the WORST. I had no idea. Okay, I didn't think it was going to be fun but it is way worse than I thought. I don't want to scare anyone though because it is probably my personality combined with Amelia's that has made it so hard.

I was not ready to train Amelia before Colette was born. Looking back I absolutely should have but I did not feel ready. Right after Colette was born Amelia showed a lot of interest in the potty. Basically she was telling me she was ready and I was overwhelmed and didn't do anything about it. Another mistake. The New Year started approaching and I was finally feeling ready. Well...I missed my window. Now Amelia was over it and wanted nothing to do with it. Awesome.

Once January came I decided to casually start potty training. Amelia has been so easy with everything I really thought she would just pick it up. I kept her in a diaper and would ask her all the time about going potty and try and get her to sit. She wasn't interested. I made sticker charts with rewards, didn't work. I made a goal that when I bought the last pack of diapers that would be it. She needed to be trained by the end of the box. Well my casual approach was not working. The end of the box was nearing and I was getting frustrated. So about a month ago I decided to jump all the way in. We were basically stuck in the house because of snow anyway so I had no more excuses. I put trash bags and sheets on the couches and I put on some princess undies and hoped for the best. The best is not what I got. After 3 accidents, sitting on the toilet a lot, and many tantrums I almost threw in the towel. Then at the end of the day I was cooking dinner and I asked Amelia to sit on her potty. After 25 minutes, she went! We celebrated and she got a present. So much fun! Maybe it would work...

Day 2 started off REALLY bad. My happy girl had become possessed by something evil. She woke up grouchy, arguing, and throwing crazy tantrums. People kept telling me it's the terrible twos but I am pretty sure she had lost her mind. I decided to stick with it and put on her princess undies. After a morning accident and refusing to sit on the potty I put a pull up on and we headed to the library. We tried to go at the library but that was not happening. After 2 hours of playing with friends my happy girl was back. After a long nap she woke up and was excited to wear her underwear and try again! Yay! I downloaded a potty timer on my phone and it alerts me every 45 minutes. Every time the timer goes off we try. We did this the rest of the night and had 2! successful potty trips. It went like this day after day after day. Accidents and minimal success. Everyday. 

Fast forward to about a week ago. She was kind of trained. She stopped peeing during nap time. She was even using public toilets. However, she would never tell me when it was time to go. I had to ask her and force her to go. I still have to remind constantly. After a few very successful days in a row we had a monumentally bad day last Saturday. It was like she forgot everything. SHE PEED ON THE COUCH! I lost my mind. I called Brian (who was surfing) and said, "You need to come home and save her". I yelled at her. I took her bear away. I was really really mean. And then I cried and cried and cried. You guys, it was awful. Brian came home, calmed everyone down, spoke to Amelia like a rational loving parent,  and made Amelia stay naked for two days. What do you know, she has not had an accident since. All week when we are home, she is naked. She hasn't had one accident all week. It was like she needed to get one last accident day out of her system (she peed on her giraffe twice) and then she was done. She even tells me when she has to go. Naked works people. For those suffering with some potty training woes, if you haven't tried naked, do it! I don't want to call her potty trained yet, but we are so close. I can see the summit!

So on that happy note, spring has finally sprung! I even saw a flower in the backyard today! We have been outside all day everyday. We have been taking daily walks, playing at the beach, and a lot of yard time. We have to take advantage while its warm enough and before the bugs come. Its a short window so I am wasting no time indoors. Today I decided to do a little spring photo sesh with the girls. My mom sent Coco a cute denim flower dress for Easter and funny enough I had just bought the same one for Amelia. As cheesy as it is I LOVE matching outfits. We grabbed some chalk, bubbles, and my camera and played outside for a couple of hours. We had to stop when Coco kept choking on all the grass she was eating. She is crazy.

The pictures turned out more funny than cute. One of these days I will actually get a professional to take their pictures. 
 She makes this face all the time. Girl has her duck face down.
 Partners in crime since day 1. 
 Best I could get of the two of them. 
 Grass eater. 
I had to include this one because....Goose. 

Happy Spring!

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