Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter

I love this time of year. The weather is warmer, we get to celebrate two Easters, and candy. Mostly candy. The girls are still young so we can still be pretty mellow with the Easter morning festivities. Last night I put out their baskets. Well, I put out Amelia's basket and Coco's gifts. I am too cheap to buy a full priced basket so I am waiting until after Easter to get the girls matching baskets for next year. 
Amelia's basket had a couple of Easter books, Mickey stickers, a dinosaur, some gummy candy, a tiara, and a wind up bunny. She also got a really cute Easter box from my mom and I threw in some peeps for a surprise. 
Colette's "basket" had a couple of books, a bib, and some lamb slippers (thanks Aunt Katie!). Late last night I realized Amelia had a basket tag and Colette didn't so I attempted to make one for Coco as well. 
The girls were up early and Amelia was very excited when I told her the Easter Bunny came. She tore through her basket and panicked when we showed her the wind up toy. 
Coco is easy to please. 
It took me approximately 400 tries to get a decent picture. 

After we opened the gifts Amelia had a little egg hunt. We hid a dozen(ish) eggs in the living room with one jelly bean in each. When she discovered that there was candy in them it was much more important for her to find the eggs. After our egg hunt we spent the morning with some friends for a big Easter breakfast and an even bigger egg hunt. The food was fantastic! I am not much of a cook but our friends make killer food. Especially the pastries. Really really good. 

The rest of the day has been low key. We did take a 4 mile walk to the beach on account of all the food, but it has been relaxing. Easter and general conference on the same day is my kind of Sunday. 

Our next Easter celebration will be less about the candy and presents and more about the food. Hopefully I can do my ancestors proud and deliver some decent Greek food. 

Happy Easter from our family to yours!

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