Thursday, April 30, 2015

Colette: 9 Months

 {9 Months}
9 Months
-Eating everything in sight.
-Always on the move, and pulling herself up.
-A few seconds of standing (without holding on).
-No longer crying when strangers look at her. 
-Climbing stairs...awesome. 
-Plays independently. Love that. 
-Wants to do anything Amelia is doing.

I should do a nice long post since Coco is 9 months old. However, I'm crabby and have a migraine so I'm not interested in staring at the computer screen. I will save a nice fluffy Coco is fantastic post for another day. Here are her monthly pajama pictures. 

I put this picture up so you can see how red her hair is in the sunlight. I love it. 
Always standing and always smiling. 

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