Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Colette: 8 Months

.::8 MONTHS::.

35 Weeks
-Portland Children's Museum
-Walk on the beach. Finally!
-Loving graham crackers and all things edible.
-Talking a lot.
-On the move. Non stop.

Love this age. From 6 months to a year is my absolute favorite. It seems like she looks different everyday and is constantly doing new things. She is funny because she is two different babies. At home she is loud and smiles constantly. In public she is super serious and really quiet. She is really chill when we go out but at home she is a maniac. Brian and I are constantly talking about how nutty she is. She is always yelling at us, putting everything in her mouth, and trying to find anything to get her in trouble. I can already tell she is fiery and I love it. I  feel like Amelia and Coco balance each other out. 

Eight month pajama pictures. Bunny time. 

Happy April! 

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