Friday, April 17, 2015

Colette: 37 Weeks

 37 Weeks
-Learned how to clap.
-Mimics everything. Especially when I shake my head.
-Still does kissy face for the camera. 
-Pulling herself up to standing.
-Sleeps 13 hours at night. Horrible napper.
-Survived our week with Brian out of town.
-Loves the bath.
-Loves loves being outside. Spring!!!

We have survived a week on our own. Brian travelled to Montreal this week for work and I held down the fort at home. Since I am a stay at home mom it wasn't too crazy. I was a bit bored at night and was in need of some adult conversation for sure.

I have to keep this post short though because I have a naked potty training toddler, an infant that wont nap, and a blasted headache from a cold. If Brian doesn't get home soon I will no longer be able to call this a successful week. 

Here's a kissy face picture for the road. 

Happy Friday!

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