Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Colette: 36 Weeks & Easter Dresses

 I couldn't get a clear picture this week because she wouldn't stop moving. 

36 Weeks
-Easter & Greek Easter!
-Pulling herself up on everything.
-Falls asleep every time she is in the stroller.
-Unswaddled and loving it. 
-Can get herself into the sitting position.
-Makes duck face. All. The. Time.
-Sleeping 12 hours at night.
-First taste of sugar (courtesy of Amelia).
-Plays independently. 
-First time in the hiking backpack.
-Our 7 year anniversary!

For Easter my mom sent the girls new dresses. We haven't been to church in two weeks and don't have many occasions for fancy dresses, so they haven't worn them yet. The dresses are so cute I wanted to make sure I got their pictures in them even if it was just around the house. I asked Amelia if she wanted to put on pretty dresses and take pictures. She said, "My Elsa dress? It's so beautiful". She even let me put a headband on. I jumped on it because that NEVER happens. So here they are:
 That dang photobombing Beary. Drives me crazy.
 I am in love with the above picture. They are both so sweet. 
The picture on the left is what happened when I took Beary away. The picture on the right is me telling her that she couldn't have Beary back until she smiled. Meanwhile Coco is so thrilled to be sitting next to Amelia that she couldn't stop smiling. 

Happy Tuesday!

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