Sunday, March 1, 2015

Operation Fitness

Okay blog readers (all 7 of you), I am back at it. I am 6 months away from 30 and in need of some changes. Big time. If you have read my blog for a while you may remember when I finished Insanity a little over a year ago. Well I have since had another baby and become pretty lackadaisical about my health and fitness. The truth is I actually enjoy working out and I enjoy healthy foods. It shouldn't be that difficult. But it is. So commence Operation Fitness (aka Operation Get My S&*T Together). 

I want to share my goals and plans on here to help keep me accountable. Here they are:

- 400 Miles in 6 months: Brian just got me a treadmill because winter is rough and I was going stir crazy. At 400 miles that averages out to about 2 miles every day. I am including running, walking, hiking and all of the above. Just need to keep moving. 
-Kicking my caffeine addiction. I am a full blown addict. I can no longer function without it and it is killing me. The headaches's bad. So I am done. 
-A gallon of water a day. This will help me with my caffeine addiction too. I also have to drink a lot of water for my kidney stones. The only issue I have with this is the bathroom visits but I am going to power through. 
-Weight loss: This goal is secondary. I am trying not to focus on the number.  I thinking that if I make the necessary changes the scale will benefit. I have 10 pounds of baby weight left and I am ready to see it go. 
-No fast food/candy/sweets. I do have planned "indulge" days marked on the calendar (about every 12 days) that will allow me those treats. This shouldn't be too hard but it still has to go.
-Post about my progress regularly. When I share my goals it usually kicks my butt in gear out of fear of failing in front of other people. 
-Birthday half marathon! I want to celebrate going into my 30's with being fit. 

These are my goals for right now. I am sure that I will add more as they become necessary.  I have taken some before pictures that I will share at some point. I can't seem to post them right now. Too embarrassed. Wish me luck!

ps//I am also sleeping in exercise clothes so I am ready first thing in the morning to hop on the treadmill or do 20 minutes of quick body weight exercises. 

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