Saturday, March 7, 2015

Colette: 7 Months

7 Months
-15lbs & 25.5inches.
-Putting everything in her mouth.
-Still no teeth.
-Having an aversion to food. Anything
over ripe makes her vomit. 
-"Crawling" backward.
-Singing along to songs and yelling.
-Starting to unswaddle, one arm out this week.

Colette is still sweet and very sassy. Her personality definitely fits her red hair. She is loud, opinionated, and always on the move. Right now she is pushing herself backward and pivoting so she can get around. 
She is my dishwashing buddy. Since dishes are basically all that I do (without a dishwasher) she hangs out at my feet a lot while I wash away. This is also her favorite"waiting for breakfast" position. Look at that face. 

Brian has been taking a class all day on Saturdays so we have been spending the day in our pajamas playing, cleaning, and listening to music. I can't wait until we can trade our pajamas for swimsuits and the cleaning for the beach. The girls because they seem to be happy either way. 
Telling Coco to say "cheese". 
 I made Goose get in too. He was clearly thrilled. 

When I was taking Coco's weekly picture she kept yelling at Amelia. I took some pictures of the exchange because their interactions are usually really cute. 

Happy Weekend!

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