Sunday, March 22, 2015

Colette: 33 Weeks & St. Patrick's Day

33 Weeks
-Not quite "crawling" but moving forward. 
-Eczema sooo bad. Poor baby.
-Loves all things Amelia. Just adores her. 
-Maine maple weekend. 
-St. Patrick's Day.
-Sleeping 11 solid hours every night.
-Still puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. 
-Yells...a lot. 
-Still crying with "strangers"
-Loves bath time and books.
-Started dancing this week with Amelia. 

Coco wants to be on the move so bad. Amelia was always content to just sit with toys and hang out. Coco wants to explore everything and really wants to be anywhere Amelia is. I am looking forward to when she can really crawl and walk so the yelling will stop. It's sorta cute at first and then gets a little old when I set her down and she yells and yells until I am back in her sight. Right now she is slowly slowly moving forward. Mostly she just planks and yells. 
We celebrated Coco's first St. Patrick's Day this week. By celebrate I mean I added green food coloring to our normal food, called a bowl of oranges a pot of gold, and picked up a box of lucky charms. Amelia really did think it was fun though and put her princess Anna dress on for the leprechaun breakfast. 
 I indulged a little with my traditional Paddy's day breakfast. 
After a failed "green" dinner due to a power outage we ended up picking up some pizza and ending the night with some holiday pictures. Much harder to get a cute pictures these days. Also Amelia's cheese face and fantastic boy hair make for a winning combination. She is darling but I just really want the poor girl's hair to grow. Looks like Colette will have a similar fate, since she is pretty much still bald with a little ginger fuzz on top. 

Happy Sunday!

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