Friday, March 13, 2015

Colette: 32 Weeks & Random Happenings

32 Weeks
-Back to loving food. LOVES veggies. 
-Still crawling backward.
-Snow started melting!
-Size 9 month clothes.
-Hair is still red and eyes are looking green.
-I have lost 5.5 lbs since starting operation fitness.

It is looking like Colette may have some food allergies. At this point overripe bananas and avocado make her throw up. Not spit up, full vomit. I also started introducing a lot of new food this week. We tried carrots, summer squash, bread, eggs, and asparagus. She has done well with everything except the eggs. I gave her half a hard boiled egg yolk and a couple hours later I noticed a rash on her stomach. I am hoping she outgrows it. I am going to avoid eggs for a while and give it another try later. I've never had any food allergies or had to deal with anyone that does. Keeping my fingers crossed that her digestive system just needs a little more time and it's nothing more. 

On to some fantastic news. The snow is melting! We had the best day this week. The temp got up to around 50* and their was water everywhere. We were able to ditch our coats and play in the puddles for a good 30 minutes. That may sound sad but the appreciation we have for those little moments make it so fun. Having been cooped up for the better part of the year I felt true happiness to be outside playing with Amelia. Having the weather we do up here I never take a good weather day for granted. I have not looked forward to summer this much since our days in Rexburg. I feel like we are going to be fully booked so we don't miss one days of outside time. I have already started to put together our summer bucket list. 

On to some more good news. I kicked off operation fitness on March 1st. You can read about that here. With the dirty thirty approaching I need to get myself together and so far I am making progress. 5.5 lbs down in 2 weeks and feeling good. More on this later. 

Last bit of randomness is Amelia's new toy. By toy I mean it was a purchase for the whole family but to Amelia it is her new toy. We got a digital piano. Since before Amelia was born Brian always had this vision of Amelia being a piano player. He felt really strongly about it. When we were in the hospital a nurse said, "look at those fingers, she is going to play the piano". Then we bought our first home in Georgia and the previous owners left a piano. And wouldn't you know Amelia loves to play the piano. Sometimes at church Amelia will disappear and we find her in the primary room playing the piano and singing by herself. It was only a matter of time until we got one. Brian found a killer deal on this and I haven't been able to tear Amelia away since. Love it. 
Ignore the mess. Anyone that can keep a playroom clean is superhuman. 

Happy Friday!

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