Saturday, February 28, 2015

Colette: 29 & 30 Weeks

The 30 week picture is so Coco. She is smiley but only with us. In public THIS is her face :)

29/30 Weeks
-Sitting up! Not on her own but she will sit for a few minutes
when I put her there. 
-Stomach virus...awesome. 
-Army crawling. 
-Saying "dada" and something that resembles "hi".
-Sleeping 12 hours regularly! Yay!
-Back to taking cat naps. Boo.
-LOVES food. Started eating puffs.
-Started making a high pitched screeching noise
in her crib when she is up. 

Short post today. Mostly cause its Saturday and Amelia just got a new play kitchen so we are very busy with that. Also if I have to clean up one more accident today I may just call it. As in I'm going to bed for the rest of the day, fend for yourselves. The other thing on my agenda today is buying a blowtorch and melting the snow in my yard. 

Happy Weekend! 

ps//I'm not really that grouchy. I have been online shopping for bathing suits to beat the 45ft of snow blues. It works pretty well until I look outside and then I cry. Just kidding....kinda. 

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