Monday, February 16, 2015

Colette: 27 & 28 Weeks// Our Valentines Day

27 & 28 Weeks
-Baby talking. I love baby talk.
-On her hands and knees rocking back and forth.
-Loving solid food! Sweet potatoes, bananas, avocados,
mangos, oatmeal, & rice.
-Sitting up! She can't get there on her own but she will stay up. 
-Sleeping 12 hours at night! Finally got there!
-Amelia is "at home" potty trained. Yay!
-Another snow storm. I think we are up to 75-80" in the last couple of months. 
-Coco's first Valentines Day. 

I keep getting behind on the blog posts, so we are doing a combined one this week. Potty training is taking up every ounce of energy I have. After a week we are pretty much "at home" trained and we will start working on going out in public without a diaper but I am not there yet.

This weekend we celebrated Valentines Day! I didn't do anything big but we still had a fun day. Brian is taking a class all day on Saturdays so it was a love day breakfast with just the girls. This was my first go at heart-shaped pancakes and they turned out pretty good. 
The girls made quick work of breakfast. Amelia was over the moon about getting permission to put sugar on her pancakes. Sugar everywhere. After breakfast the girls and I got ready and hit the grocery store. A storm was coming in the evening so I like to be stocked up. Brian's love language is service so I decided to get the fridge stocked with his favorites and clean the house for his gift. Obviously that is my job anyway but with potty training I have been slacking on the house cleaning.

Brian got home around 4:30 and watched the girls while I got ready for our dinner date. A friend offered to watch the girls so we could go out. The nicest! We had actually planned on dinner and then ice skating but once we started driving the storm was picking up. After watching a truck almost slide off the road we decided to just do dinner. We had a great time catching up and enjoying some kid free conversation. This was only our 4th date in 2 1/2 years so we definitely cherish those nights when we can get out. 

The girls had a great time without us. Amelia loves hanging out with her friends and was on cloud nine the entire way home. She has been asking to go back for the last couple of days. When we got home the girls were nice and awake so I snapped a quick VDay picture before bed. Their adoration for each other is infectious. Love those girls. 

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Happy Monday!


  1. The little glimpses into your life are so sweet. I'm glad you share them! :)