Monday, February 2, 2015

Cabin Fever

We have been going on a week now with some pretty consistent snowfall. By consistent I mean the sky opened up and has been dumping on us for a week! We have had a couple breaks in the weather to get out and about but for the most part we have been indoors....Cabin fever is setting in and I am dreaming of the warm days of summer. Before I get into our snow days, let's talk Super Bowl. 

Have you ever wished for something to happen and then when it does you feel a little bad? Let me start this by saying I am a 49er fan. I grew up in Northern California and was born into a Niner family and that's all there is to it. You can gather that as a Niner fan I am NOT a Seahawks fan. In fact, I root for whatever team is playing them. So Patriots it was! Before the game started I said to Brian, "I hope the Seahawks lose (obviously). But I don't just want them to lose, I want them to think they are going to win and then have their hope crushed at the last minute"....No kidding. When I watched the interception at the goal line I was in shock (as we all were). Then I felt a little bad because the Seahawks really were sad...All was right though when the Seahawks started throwing punches showing their true colors and I felt just fine. All that Seahawk hate aside, it was a fantastic game and both teams were really great. 

On to snowpocalypse. As I type this it is going on 12 hours of non-stop snow. To remind you last Tuesday we got 30" of snow followed by another 8(ish)" on Thursday. Oh and don't forget the snow that is coming ALL weekend. We are buried over here. Luckily in between the storms we have had a couple breaks to enjoy it. I tried to snap some pictures as we went. I am still in shock every time I look at the window. So much snow!

This is a couple of days before the storm hit. 
 And then came Juno...
Playing in the snow that is 2-3 ft deep is not so easy. We were exhausted!

In heaven! He loves playing catch and we have only lost one ball so far. He get these massive snow dreads underneath though because he "swims" through the snow. He doesn't seem to mind. I, however, mind the puddles of water I randomly step in as they melt. 

Brian built a little hill for some sledding in the front yard. Really fun!   

The snow is a bit of a pain but I may be turning a corner on my feelings. We have had Brian working from home because of it. Amelia and Goose LOVE the snow. It is so pretty! Really, I am trying to be positive because I went outside for 10 minutes today and thought I was going to lose my hands. So cold! I will get used to it...Even if I don't, Maine is worth it. 

Happy Groundhog Day! Six more weeks of winter...

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