Friday, February 27, 2015

Amelia: 2 1/2 Years

2 1/2 Years
-Loves reading, dancing, & singing.
-Can sing most Taylor swift songs verbatim.
-Obsessed with dinosaurs (especially Dinosaur Train)
-25% potty trained. This will be the death of me. 
-Favorite movie (right now): Finding Nemo
-Started giving all her toys names.
-Able to recite most of her favorite book and
"read" it back to us. 
-Favorite food: "Blueblerries" and all fruit, eggs, pasta, rice
 & pretzels. 
-More and more obsessed with Beary.
-Don't even try to put anything cute in her hair.

I told Amelia for her 1/2 birthday we were going to do a photo shoot to celebrate. I asked her to pick out clothes, a location, and props. She picked Ana's dress, dinosaurs, Beary, and her room. As soon as she had the dress on she ran to Coco and said, "I am so pretty". She also insisted on twirling for a good 20 minutes and drawing her family and friends on the chalkboard. 

We also did some pajama pictures in keeping with tradition. Pictures are the modern journal anyway so I will keep "journaling" away. 
Up to this point every new stage has been my favorite. It kept getting better and better. I have now reached the point where I can say it is not my favorite. She is so sweet and it is so much fun watching her learn and develop in new ways. But this age is ROUGH. I have entered the age of the extremes. She will walk up and say, "Love you Mommy. Besos?" and I practically crumble at the sweetness. Not 5 minutes later I am fighting with her while she is laying down screaming because she wants her hood on but wont let me touch it. Half the time when she is upset, I have no idea why. That's my favorite...

The tough times aside we are having a lot of fun. She is a darling big sister to Coco. They truly adore each other. One of Amelia's favorite things is saying good morning to Coco. Another thing we love to do is dance around the island in the kitchen. She will ask for me to turn either Taylor Swift or the radio on and then demand we all dance. She can sing almost any pop song on the radio right now but loves T Swift or Uptown Funk. 

She loves change. With the exception of potty training she usually transitions really well. I will chalk this up to moving so many times (4) in her 2 years. When we brought in her bed she was stoked. She wants to show everyone her "new" bed. Also she obvi loves jumping in her "new" bed. 
She can recite this basically reading. Right?

This girl has always loved reading. Now I often catch her reading alone (or with Goose) and she will ask for some quiet time to read. Her favorite books right now are; The Going To Bed Book, I Want My Hat Back, Ana Karenina (kid lit), Harold and the Purple Crayon, and Bedtime Disney Stories. Really she will sit through any book I am willing to read. 

More than anything, Amelia loves hanging out with friends. Everyday during breakfast she asks, "Go see friends?". Sometimes we will be shopping and she will see another kid and ask me, "friend?". When I tell her yes she will frantically wave screaming "Hi friend" until the kid awkwardly waves at the tiny girl yelling at them. 

She has a big heart with a lot of passion and personality. I hope she always has the desire to dance like no one is watching and stays passionate about the things she wants. It might be tough because right now she is passionate about nonsense, but passion is good. I hope she stands strong in her beliefs when she is older, just as she does now about wanting pink socks instead of white ones.

I'll leave you with some pictures of Amelia being Amelia. 

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