Saturday, February 28, 2015

Colette: 29 & 30 Weeks

The 30 week picture is so Coco. She is smiley but only with us. In public THIS is her face :)

29/30 Weeks
-Sitting up! Not on her own but she will sit for a few minutes
when I put her there. 
-Stomach virus...awesome. 
-Army crawling. 
-Saying "dada" and something that resembles "hi".
-Sleeping 12 hours regularly! Yay!
-Back to taking cat naps. Boo.
-LOVES food. Started eating puffs.
-Started making a high pitched screeching noise
in her crib when she is up. 

Short post today. Mostly cause its Saturday and Amelia just got a new play kitchen so we are very busy with that. Also if I have to clean up one more accident today I may just call it. As in I'm going to bed for the rest of the day, fend for yourselves. The other thing on my agenda today is buying a blowtorch and melting the snow in my yard. 

Happy Weekend! 

ps//I'm not really that grouchy. I have been online shopping for bathing suits to beat the 45ft of snow blues. It works pretty well until I look outside and then I cry. Just kidding....kinda. 

Friday, February 27, 2015

Amelia: 2 1/2 Years

2 1/2 Years
-Loves reading, dancing, & singing.
-Can sing most Taylor swift songs verbatim.
-Obsessed with dinosaurs (especially Dinosaur Train)
-25% potty trained. This will be the death of me. 
-Favorite movie (right now): Finding Nemo
-Started giving all her toys names.
-Able to recite most of her favorite book and
"read" it back to us. 
-Favorite food: "Blueblerries" and all fruit, eggs, pasta, rice
 & pretzels. 
-More and more obsessed with Beary.
-Don't even try to put anything cute in her hair.

I told Amelia for her 1/2 birthday we were going to do a photo shoot to celebrate. I asked her to pick out clothes, a location, and props. She picked Ana's dress, dinosaurs, Beary, and her room. As soon as she had the dress on she ran to Coco and said, "I am so pretty". She also insisted on twirling for a good 20 minutes and drawing her family and friends on the chalkboard. 

We also did some pajama pictures in keeping with tradition. Pictures are the modern journal anyway so I will keep "journaling" away. 
Up to this point every new stage has been my favorite. It kept getting better and better. I have now reached the point where I can say it is not my favorite. She is so sweet and it is so much fun watching her learn and develop in new ways. But this age is ROUGH. I have entered the age of the extremes. She will walk up and say, "Love you Mommy. Besos?" and I practically crumble at the sweetness. Not 5 minutes later I am fighting with her while she is laying down screaming because she wants her hood on but wont let me touch it. Half the time when she is upset, I have no idea why. That's my favorite...

The tough times aside we are having a lot of fun. She is a darling big sister to Coco. They truly adore each other. One of Amelia's favorite things is saying good morning to Coco. Another thing we love to do is dance around the island in the kitchen. She will ask for me to turn either Taylor Swift or the radio on and then demand we all dance. She can sing almost any pop song on the radio right now but loves T Swift or Uptown Funk. 

She loves change. With the exception of potty training she usually transitions really well. I will chalk this up to moving so many times (4) in her 2 years. When we brought in her bed she was stoked. She wants to show everyone her "new" bed. Also she obvi loves jumping in her "new" bed. 
She can recite this basically reading. Right?

This girl has always loved reading. Now I often catch her reading alone (or with Goose) and she will ask for some quiet time to read. Her favorite books right now are; The Going To Bed Book, I Want My Hat Back, Ana Karenina (kid lit), Harold and the Purple Crayon, and Bedtime Disney Stories. Really she will sit through any book I am willing to read. 

More than anything, Amelia loves hanging out with friends. Everyday during breakfast she asks, "Go see friends?". Sometimes we will be shopping and she will see another kid and ask me, "friend?". When I tell her yes she will frantically wave screaming "Hi friend" until the kid awkwardly waves at the tiny girl yelling at them. 

She has a big heart with a lot of passion and personality. I hope she always has the desire to dance like no one is watching and stays passionate about the things she wants. It might be tough because right now she is passionate about nonsense, but passion is good. I hope she stands strong in her beliefs when she is older, just as she does now about wanting pink socks instead of white ones.

I'll leave you with some pictures of Amelia being Amelia. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Colette: 27 & 28 Weeks// Our Valentines Day

27 & 28 Weeks
-Baby talking. I love baby talk.
-On her hands and knees rocking back and forth.
-Loving solid food! Sweet potatoes, bananas, avocados,
mangos, oatmeal, & rice.
-Sitting up! She can't get there on her own but she will stay up. 
-Sleeping 12 hours at night! Finally got there!
-Amelia is "at home" potty trained. Yay!
-Another snow storm. I think we are up to 75-80" in the last couple of months. 
-Coco's first Valentines Day. 

I keep getting behind on the blog posts, so we are doing a combined one this week. Potty training is taking up every ounce of energy I have. After a week we are pretty much "at home" trained and we will start working on going out in public without a diaper but I am not there yet.

This weekend we celebrated Valentines Day! I didn't do anything big but we still had a fun day. Brian is taking a class all day on Saturdays so it was a love day breakfast with just the girls. This was my first go at heart-shaped pancakes and they turned out pretty good. 
The girls made quick work of breakfast. Amelia was over the moon about getting permission to put sugar on her pancakes. Sugar everywhere. After breakfast the girls and I got ready and hit the grocery store. A storm was coming in the evening so I like to be stocked up. Brian's love language is service so I decided to get the fridge stocked with his favorites and clean the house for his gift. Obviously that is my job anyway but with potty training I have been slacking on the house cleaning.

Brian got home around 4:30 and watched the girls while I got ready for our dinner date. A friend offered to watch the girls so we could go out. The nicest! We had actually planned on dinner and then ice skating but once we started driving the storm was picking up. After watching a truck almost slide off the road we decided to just do dinner. We had a great time catching up and enjoying some kid free conversation. This was only our 4th date in 2 1/2 years so we definitely cherish those nights when we can get out. 

The girls had a great time without us. Amelia loves hanging out with her friends and was on cloud nine the entire way home. She has been asking to go back for the last couple of days. When we got home the girls were nice and awake so I snapped a quick VDay picture before bed. Their adoration for each other is infectious. Love those girls. 

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Happy Monday!

Monday, February 9, 2015

30 Things

It is a milestone year for me. In a little over 6 months I am turning the big 3-0. I have mixed feelings about this. By mixed feelings I mean I have anxiety mixed with dislike mixed with a little gratitude. I am grateful for many reasons but also feeling overwhelmed that my twenties are behind me with the thirties breathing down my neck. The truth is my life is nothing like I imagined when I was younger. That being said, I wouldn't change one thing. That's not true. I would change my ability to keep up with chores and the number on the scale, but we'll have  those for my New Years resolutions. Every year. 

So in the spirit of turning 30 this year I thought I would do a 30 things about me post. I am not an open all. In fact many of my good friends have said they feel like they don't really know me. The only person that I am always myself around is Brian. I live with a bit of a wall up and he constantly tells me to knock it down. So I am gonna try. Here we go:

1. I scare easy. Not normal easy. If I am brushing my teeth and Brian walks in (not even sneakily) to do the same, I scream. I make Brian announce himself before entering a room and that also scares me. No I don't enjoy it. Don't try and scare me. 
2. I am NOT a morning person. If you wake me up from a nap, watch out. Brian learned that when we were dating, the hard way. 
3. I try to eat healthy. Actually I usually eat healthy, but I LOVE processed food. I grew up on straight from the garden delicious fresh food but I love all things packaged. I love Spagettios (even cold), Ramen, marshmallows, freezer pot stickers, Cheez-its you name it. I rarely buy these things because I will eat the entire package at an alarming rate. Not kidding. 
4. I used to be a competitive roller skater. I don't feel like elaborating...or explaining...
5. From ages 11-20 I was a vegetarian. Someone told me they didn't think I could go without meat, so I did. For nine years. Also I am never going back because...bacon. 
6.  My favorite candy is Mambas. 
7. I taught myself to drive a stick shift. I had to because I was not an easy teenager and my dad didn't deserve the beating he got for trying to teach me. 
8. I love dogs. One of my favorite pastimes is visiting animal shelters. 
9. I started to like Brian after he cut his hair. I had known him for a couple of years and then one haircut and that was it. 
10. I get hives in my throat and ears when I eat pineapple. Worth it. 
11. I have had 3 surgeries on my left knee.
12. I love made for TV Disney movies. Luck of the Irish, Double Teamed; you know, the classics....This was probably one of those that I should keep to myself. 
13. I love Harry Potter. But really, doesn't everyone?
14. I don't enjoy cooking. I wish I did. I do it purely out of necessity. 
15. My favorite shows are Parenthood and Friends. I can (and do) quote Friends frequently. I am actually watching Friends as I type this. 
16. Over a weekend in college my roommate and I drove to Minnesota (from Idaho) to visit a friend without telling our parents.   
17. I have travelled to 8 countries outside of the US: Mexico, Canada, Greece, Italy, France, Austria, Switzerland, and Germany.
18. My favorite color is grey. 
19. Brian and I got married in the Oakland, Ca LDS temple.
20.  I have a BS in Health.
21. My favorite holiday is Halloween. I usually pick out my costumes a year ahead of time. Now that I have 4 more people and a dog to dress up I am in heaven. 
22. I am strangely good at ping pong. 
23. I have never dyed my hair. I have always wanted to but now that I have made it this far I feel like I can't do it. 
24. I have lived in 6 states (including Hawaii) and Maine is my favorite. Brian has lived in 7 and feels the same way.
25. I am truly scared of the dark.
26. The country at the top of my travel bucket list is New Zealand. 
27. My favorite music genre is Country. Reminds me of my dad listening to the radio as he made breakfast everyday before school. 
28. I worked as a waitress through college.
29. My most embarrassing moment was throwing up on my gym teachers shoes in front of the whole class my first week in college. I still cringe thinking about it. 
30. Deciding to have kids is by far the best and most challenging thing I have done. I never saw myself as a mom and it still feels strange. When did I become a 30 year old mother of 2! Happened overnight. 

Do you feel like you know me better? I hope so. Here's to another 30!

ps//Writing this all down reminded my of the Friends episode when they all turn 30. Man that's a good show. Also that makes me think I want to write down a before 30 bucket list a la Phoebe but with 6 months left that may be a bit too ambitious.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Cabin Fever

We have been going on a week now with some pretty consistent snowfall. By consistent I mean the sky opened up and has been dumping on us for a week! We have had a couple breaks in the weather to get out and about but for the most part we have been indoors....Cabin fever is setting in and I am dreaming of the warm days of summer. Before I get into our snow days, let's talk Super Bowl. 

Have you ever wished for something to happen and then when it does you feel a little bad? Let me start this by saying I am a 49er fan. I grew up in Northern California and was born into a Niner family and that's all there is to it. You can gather that as a Niner fan I am NOT a Seahawks fan. In fact, I root for whatever team is playing them. So Patriots it was! Before the game started I said to Brian, "I hope the Seahawks lose (obviously). But I don't just want them to lose, I want them to think they are going to win and then have their hope crushed at the last minute"....No kidding. When I watched the interception at the goal line I was in shock (as we all were). Then I felt a little bad because the Seahawks really were sad...All was right though when the Seahawks started throwing punches showing their true colors and I felt just fine. All that Seahawk hate aside, it was a fantastic game and both teams were really great. 

On to snowpocalypse. As I type this it is going on 12 hours of non-stop snow. To remind you last Tuesday we got 30" of snow followed by another 8(ish)" on Thursday. Oh and don't forget the snow that is coming ALL weekend. We are buried over here. Luckily in between the storms we have had a couple breaks to enjoy it. I tried to snap some pictures as we went. I am still in shock every time I look at the window. So much snow!

This is a couple of days before the storm hit. 
 And then came Juno...
Playing in the snow that is 2-3 ft deep is not so easy. We were exhausted!

In heaven! He loves playing catch and we have only lost one ball so far. He get these massive snow dreads underneath though because he "swims" through the snow. He doesn't seem to mind. I, however, mind the puddles of water I randomly step in as they melt. 

Brian built a little hill for some sledding in the front yard. Really fun!   

The snow is a bit of a pain but I may be turning a corner on my feelings. We have had Brian working from home because of it. Amelia and Goose LOVE the snow. It is so pretty! Really, I am trying to be positive because I went outside for 10 minutes today and thought I was going to lose my hands. So cold! I will get used to it...Even if I don't, Maine is worth it. 

Happy Groundhog Day! Six more weeks of winter...

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Colette: 6 Months!


6 Months
-Survived our first major snow storm. 31 inches!!
-Alllllmost crawling. On her knees rocking back and forth.
-Not sitting up yet. Getting close though. 
-Loves loves Brian. Usually can't take her eyes off of him
-Still at 10 hours sleeping a night and 3 naps a day.
-HATES the cold weather. 
-Loves having a bath.
-Eats non-stop and loves solid food. Luckily.

Time is flying by and we are entering my favorite stage. I love the 6-12 month time. This age is the sweetest and in my opinion the easiest (so far). It is definitely easier than toddler....definitely. She is still as sweet as can be and we adore her. I'll cut the chit chat and get right to the pictures. 
1 week and 3 months

As per tradition I did a quick little half birthday photo shoot for Colette. She is a fairly serious baby but if you sing to her it is a quick way to get gigantic smiles. I put her in position, started singing, and she was as cute as it gets.
 She promptly spit up all over her clothes after this picture. Wardrobe change. 
 Kind of looks like a selfie ;)
That bruise on her forehead is courtesy of one book obsessed toddler. 
 She was so proud of herself for getting up on her knees she started cracking up. Hilarious. 

Last but not least, obligatory pajama pictures. I LOVE gummy smiles. This is the face I get every time I get her up after a nap. The sweetest!

Happy 1/2 Birthday Coco!

ps//Happy Superbowl Sunday! Go Patriots!