Saturday, January 3, 2015

Colette: 5 Months

22 Weeks
-First Christmas & New Years!
-Colette has discovered her feet.
-Taking 3 naps a day and sleeping 10
hours a night.
-Explored more of Maine. 
-Finally loves the bath.
-Loves music and books. 
-Holding her own bottle.
-Puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. 

Colette continues to be a sweet happy baby. She has recently discovered her feet which is very cute. We are finally getting over being sick for 2 weeks and you can still see the leftovers of Colette's viral rash on her legs and arms. Not fun.  

It has been really fun having Brian home for a few extra days over vacation. I have taken full advantage of the extra days by... sleeping in. We spent most of our time being quarantined to the house with a virus and driving around exploring new parts of Maine. We had the best time on New Years Day. We drove a little inland in search of a pizza place (that's our usual destination) and fell in love with Maine all over again. We saw people ice fishing and playing hockey on frozen lakes which I LOVE. I am fascinated/terrified by frozen lakes. One day I will venture out onto one...maybe...sometime...maybe. 

Every time we drive around exploring we always end up in a discussion about how much we love Maine. I have loved living in different places and meeting so many new people and I feel even more fortunate that we have found our home. For 5 years we talked about never how we didn't fit in and then we stumbled into Maine. I hope we never have to leave. I do miss family though so COME VISIT! You will love it too, I promise. Just don't come in February...

Since our Coco is 5 months it's time for some pajama pictures. 

Happy New Year! 

ps//Hard to believe this was only 2 years ago. Same pajamas, different filling, both dolls. 

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  1. Oh she is so cute! Both of your girls are just dolls. I'm glad you found where you belong! I keep trying to talk Nathan into moving up north because I feel like that's where I was supposed to be born instead of the south, but no luck so far, haha.