Sunday, January 11, 2015

Colette: 23 Weeks & My Favorite Baby Items

23 Weeks
-Started solid food-bananas, avocado & cereal. 
-Out of the bassinet and into her crib and her own room.
-Still swaddled. 
-Blowing spit bubbles (ALL the time)
-Having stranger anxiety. Cries anytime someone new
tries to talk to her. 

Now that I have two kids I am obviously a baby expert....yeah not so much. In fact babies still stress me out and I feel like I have no idea what I am doing. I do, however, have a few things that I love and use all the time so I figured I would share. 

1. Swaddle Me Wraps (click here)
Colette and Amelia both love to be swaddled. Amelia slept in these swaddle wraps until she was around 7 months old and Colette is still sleeping in them. They hold them really tight so they wont startle awake and with these wraps they can't get their arms out. If I swaddle in a blanket they end up worming their way out so these are perfect. Since Colette can roll over I put two rolled up blankets next to her to prevent her from rolling over during the night. I think these are a big reason why my girls are such fantastic sleepers. 

2. Video Monitor (Levana digital monitor)
I don't know what took my so long but I finally got a video monitor after Colette was born. I LOVE it. I have cameras in the girls rooms and it connects to one handheld portable screen. I can flip back and forth between rooms and it turns off unless they are making noise. I am a total creep and used to sneak into Amelia's room ALL the time to check on her. I am not quiet when I sneak so this would wake her up 50% of the time.  Now I just take a peak at the camera and feel that peace of mind that I need. I seriously don't know how I managed without it. 

3. Baby Carrier (Baby Bjorn)
I am not particular about the type or brand but I use mine A LOT. I used it a little with Amelia but now having two I use the carrier for all my errands (especially after losing Amelia in the store). I HAVE to use it for grocery shopping. I forgot it one time and had to pile groceries on top of the car seat...not ideal. I use the baby Bjorn because it feels most comfortable for me. I have heard really good things about the Moby, Solly, and Boba wraps as well. Anything that helps me be hands free is a must in my book.

4. Pacifier Clips 
My girls are pacifier obsessed as babies. They really can't sleep without them...from day 1. The clips may seem silly but I don't put Coco in the car seat without one clipped to the side. When she is nearly asleep and her paci falls out I can reach back (at a stop light) and grab it for her since it's always clipped to the same spot. Seems like a simple thing to put on the list but for me it's a MUST. 

Obviously there are a lot of baby things that make our lives a lot easier but these are my favorites. 

Happy Sunday!

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