Friday, January 23, 2015

Colette: 24 & 25 Weeks

She would not stop rolling over. This was the best I could get for week 24. 

24 & 25 Weeks
-Sick, sick sick. I despise winter. 
- Another trip to Urgent Care (for me this time).
-Potty training Amelia. Yikes. 
-Discovered a possible Banana allergy. 
-Colette is having stranger issues. 
-LOVES laughing at Amelia. 

These last two weeks have really gotten the best of me. I am exhausted! Basically when you have little kids, winter equals being sick ALL THE TIME. I haven't left the house since Monday because I just want a break from being sick. Oh actually I went to urgent care on Wednesday because I have a UTI from (most likely) kidney stones. Around 6 years ago I had chronic UTIs and kidney infections for around 2 years straight. I was constantly on medication and had multiple ER trips. After seeing lots of doctors they discovered it was from  kidney stones. I had a surgery 4 years ago and have not had any issues since. I woke up Wednesday with an all to familiar feeling in my left lower back...nooooo! I am keeping my fingers crossed that it is just a UTI and not kidney stones. 

The other thing that I am struggling through this week is potty training. Amelia is doing fine but I feel like I am failing. I am bad at reading the signs and taking care of another baby I feel like I am always a minute too late. We made some progress today after 45!! minutes sitting in the bathroom so hopefully we can keep it moving. This potty training business is my least favorite mom duty for sure. 

Let's move onto something positive. Even though Colette has been sick for what feels like a month she is still so sweet. She is almost always smiling and wants to touch everything. I don't think there is a better feeling than walking into her room after her nap. Her entire face smiles when she looks at me. That will make anyone feel good. She adores Amelia. I love watching them get to know each other and play together. 

Lately I have been looking at Colette and she seems huge. She'll be 6 months next week and it has flown by. Being a stay at home mom the days often feel so long but then you blink and half the year is gone. 
2 Weeks
25 Weeks

Happy Weekend everyone!

ps//That last picture of Colette reminded me a lot of Amelia at the same age. What do you think?

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Colette: 23 Weeks & My Favorite Baby Items

23 Weeks
-Started solid food-bananas, avocado & cereal. 
-Out of the bassinet and into her crib and her own room.
-Still swaddled. 
-Blowing spit bubbles (ALL the time)
-Having stranger anxiety. Cries anytime someone new
tries to talk to her. 

Now that I have two kids I am obviously a baby expert....yeah not so much. In fact babies still stress me out and I feel like I have no idea what I am doing. I do, however, have a few things that I love and use all the time so I figured I would share. 

1. Swaddle Me Wraps (click here)
Colette and Amelia both love to be swaddled. Amelia slept in these swaddle wraps until she was around 7 months old and Colette is still sleeping in them. They hold them really tight so they wont startle awake and with these wraps they can't get their arms out. If I swaddle in a blanket they end up worming their way out so these are perfect. Since Colette can roll over I put two rolled up blankets next to her to prevent her from rolling over during the night. I think these are a big reason why my girls are such fantastic sleepers. 

2. Video Monitor (Levana digital monitor)
I don't know what took my so long but I finally got a video monitor after Colette was born. I LOVE it. I have cameras in the girls rooms and it connects to one handheld portable screen. I can flip back and forth between rooms and it turns off unless they are making noise. I am a total creep and used to sneak into Amelia's room ALL the time to check on her. I am not quiet when I sneak so this would wake her up 50% of the time.  Now I just take a peak at the camera and feel that peace of mind that I need. I seriously don't know how I managed without it. 

3. Baby Carrier (Baby Bjorn)
I am not particular about the type or brand but I use mine A LOT. I used it a little with Amelia but now having two I use the carrier for all my errands (especially after losing Amelia in the store). I HAVE to use it for grocery shopping. I forgot it one time and had to pile groceries on top of the car seat...not ideal. I use the baby Bjorn because it feels most comfortable for me. I have heard really good things about the Moby, Solly, and Boba wraps as well. Anything that helps me be hands free is a must in my book.

4. Pacifier Clips 
My girls are pacifier obsessed as babies. They really can't sleep without them...from day 1. The clips may seem silly but I don't put Coco in the car seat without one clipped to the side. When she is nearly asleep and her paci falls out I can reach back (at a stop light) and grab it for her since it's always clipped to the same spot. Seems like a simple thing to put on the list but for me it's a MUST. 

Obviously there are a lot of baby things that make our lives a lot easier but these are my favorites. 

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Colette: 5 Months

22 Weeks
-First Christmas & New Years!
-Colette has discovered her feet.
-Taking 3 naps a day and sleeping 10
hours a night.
-Explored more of Maine. 
-Finally loves the bath.
-Loves music and books. 
-Holding her own bottle.
-Puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. 

Colette continues to be a sweet happy baby. She has recently discovered her feet which is very cute. We are finally getting over being sick for 2 weeks and you can still see the leftovers of Colette's viral rash on her legs and arms. Not fun.  

It has been really fun having Brian home for a few extra days over vacation. I have taken full advantage of the extra days by... sleeping in. We spent most of our time being quarantined to the house with a virus and driving around exploring new parts of Maine. We had the best time on New Years Day. We drove a little inland in search of a pizza place (that's our usual destination) and fell in love with Maine all over again. We saw people ice fishing and playing hockey on frozen lakes which I LOVE. I am fascinated/terrified by frozen lakes. One day I will venture out onto one...maybe...sometime...maybe. 

Every time we drive around exploring we always end up in a discussion about how much we love Maine. I have loved living in different places and meeting so many new people and I feel even more fortunate that we have found our home. For 5 years we talked about never how we didn't fit in and then we stumbled into Maine. I hope we never have to leave. I do miss family though so COME VISIT! You will love it too, I promise. Just don't come in February...

Since our Coco is 5 months it's time for some pajama pictures. 

Happy New Year! 

ps//Hard to believe this was only 2 years ago. Same pajamas, different filling, both dolls.