Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Colette: 17 Months & Snow!

17 Months
-First snow of the season!
-Starting to enjoy coloring and crafts.
-Loves all books involving farm animals. Especially cows.
-Steals all of Amelia's toys and runs to hide.
-Down to 1 nap a day...
-Still very destructive and loves wrestling. 
-Always pats your back when you pick her up. My favorite. 

Lately Coco has been loving taking pictures so this month was fun. I have to share a few extra because she would run and sit, say cheese, run to look at the picture, and repeat. Too cute. 

Pajama picture of the month. 

We had crazy warm weather for the holiday followed by a nice little blanket of snow. We hit beach in sweatshirts one day to snowsuits the next. 
Coco is 100% posing in this picture. She is so full of personality.
The girls love the snow. This was really Coco's first time playing in it and she seemed to dig it. Me on the other hand, I like it fine...from the inside. My shoulder is sore from shoveling and I am counting down until summer. But if the girls like it I will throw on my gloves and a smile and at least pretend.
Always with the "cheese" face.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas 2015

Happy Boxing Day! Being so close to Canada I just learned about Boxing Day and thought we should extend our holiday celebrations to include all holidays. I'm not entirely sure of the origin of Boxing Day or what people do to celebrate...but let's celebrate anyway. Also Brian is half Canadian so really it makes sense.

Anyway, we had a really great low key Christmas this year. Truth be told, living across the country from our families, we always have a low key Christmas. We started our celebrating with some light gazing, carol singing (in the comfort of our car), and Japanese food for Christmas Eve. I think next year we will step it up to the hibachi so we can have dinner and a show for our Christmas Eve tradition. Also I FINALLY had some decent sushi. Good Asian food is hard to come by over here. 

This year we didn't decorate our tree until Christmas Eve, on account of Coco. I got out some of our ornaments and after bath the girls got to decorating. 
Coco's cheese face.
I LOVE matching pajamas. How long can I get away with it?
Traditional reading of "The Night Before Christmas"
I try my hardest every year to take all the cheesy photos. Below it the obligatory in front of the tree silhouette photo. The best part was that right after this Coco grabbed onto Amelia in a WWE take down.
After the girls went to bed Brian and I got to wrapping. We put on Christmas story and wrapped for pretty much the whole movie. We actually didn't get much for the girls but we did have to wrap Grandparent and Aunt (my sisters) gifts as well. All the sudden our little tiny tree was engulfed in gifts.
The girls always get books from Santa.
Its actually not that much but our tree is so tiny that it looks like tons.
Christmas morning explosion.
After gifts we had a quick bite to eat and made our way down to the beach (in our pajamas). The weather is incredibly warm and the surf was good. Really the beach was a must.
Such a pretty morning.
The beach is our favorite playground.
After the beach we did our annual face time call to my family to open our exchange gifts. Our theme this year was ugly Christmas sweaters. Super funny and some real good ones.  I didn't get a picture yet but I will. Brian got a very merry Chewbacca and I got a homemade tribute to Mermen and NSYNC. Really ugly...and awesome. 

A few months ago we were perusing Target and found a little girl bike marked down from $90 to $12. We had no intention of getting Amelia a bike but we couldn't pass that deal up. She loves it. She picked out her helmet and we spent the afternoon riding bikes and skateboards and hanging out in the beautiful weather. Seriously, Brian was wearing a December.
We also watched a couple Christmas movies and ate way too many sweets. After the sun went down we relaxed with some guitar/piano playing, naps and dinner. I made Avgolemono which is a Greek soup that I have been practicing for a few months now. I think I am really close to it being perfect. By perfect I mean how my dad makes it. 

Merry Christmas from our family to yours. Until next year...

ps// its supposed to snow on Tuesday!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Colette: 16 Months

.:16 Months:.
16 Months
-Sharing a room with Amelia!
-Loves to hide and jump out to scare us. The best!
-Still climbing, jumping, and yelling all the time.
-Thinks everything Christmas related is Santa.
-Has peed on the potty a handful of times.
-Loves dancing and singing made up songs with Amelia.
-Obsessed with her pacifier...
-Has monster molars coming in and is very vocal about it.

Pajama pics. 
She goes from sassy to sweet and back real quick.
We are having such a fun time with Coco. I think most people can agree that this age is really the best. She is hilarious and such a fireball. She regularly hides around corners and waits to jump out and yell boo. I legit get scared which cracks her up. My favorite thing right now is watching her language develop. She talks A LOT. She really knows what she is saying and occasionally the right words come out. Mostly it's a lot of toddler gibberish. She also loves to celebrate everything by screaming "Yay!". Even if it's just walking into the store, Coco celebrates. 

So moral of this post is we love her just the way she is. A whole lot of joy in a tiny package. 

ps//Amelia always insists on posing for pictures when I take Coco's. She looks 3 going on 12 in these. Just the sweetest kid. Until I let her watch too much TV and then watch out. Just kidding...mostly. 

December so far...

We have been having the nicest December over here in Maine. I'm talking in the 50's and sunny consistently. Obviously to our friends in California that might not seem super warm but considering two years ago Brian was surfing in single digits this time of year 50's is pretty unheard of. I am of course loving it, however since our livelihood depends on a little bit of snow it would be nice to get some lower temperatures sometime soon. I also think the snow would help with my Scrooge McGrinch attitude lately. 

We started off December with taking our annual Christmas card photos. Like I have said before I am too cheap to spring for a pro so we are still using the good old tripod and self timer. I took approximately 4 million pictures and ended with a dozen acceptable ones. Anyway here are some of the decent ones.
My favorite shot from the day. She is the sweetest kid around.
Just chatting away. The are so fond of each other. Since they started sharing a room they are so much closer. I can already here myself yelling at them to stop chatting away and go to bed.
The only smile I got all day. And look at that red hair!
Getting kids to look at a camera is pretty hard...getting a dog to look (while at the beach) is impossible. Brian had to hide his ball behind the rock just to get a side profile. This is as good as its gonna get. 

 We have also been trying to participate in all the Holiday activities. We have made and decorated cookies, watched the Christmas parade, drove around looking at lights, handed out neighbor gifts, gingerbread house (train), and hung out with good old Father Christmas.

I'm not entirely sure where Coco's dress is from. Hand me down for sure. But I have made here wear it regularly because it's basically a Christmas explosion. Super funny.
Nubble Lighthouse in Cape Neddick
Christmas. Maine style.
Getting ready to hand out gifts to our neighbors. (Honey butter and a card)

They were both into Santa from a distance. I definitely do not force it though cause I was not a big Santa fan growing fact I was really relieved when I discovered the truth. So I will not be forcing my kids to participate. The did talk about him a lot after and Amelia let me know she will sleep really good for some extra swag under the tree.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours.