Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Kicking Off Christmas

Warning: Picture heavy and wordy. 

We kicked off our Christmas festivities this weekend. We started a little early because my parents came to visit!! It was really fun because we celebrated our Andrus traditions together which we usually have to do over Skype. So much fun having visitors!

The main reason for their visit was Colette's baby blessing. (side note: Colette's name is one L and two Ts for those that are interested...it has been misspelled on almost everything). Anyway, back to the blessing. Brian did a great job with the blessing and Colette looked darling. Amelia wore the dress that I wore when I was blessed and Coco wore the backup dress my mom had for me. They both got to wear my old dresses. Hopefully I can do something crafty for them with their dresses. 
We ended up staying mostly local for their visit. I wanted to cram everything into 4 days but I was alone in that. Lucky for them I was also injured so I was fine with low-key. 

First up was lunch and walking around downtown Ogunquit. The town was having Christmas by the Sea so everything was decorated. While we were enjoying lunch it started snowing and it felt like a scene out of a movie. 
Pizza of course. 
How perfect are the little snow flurries and backdrop in this picture.?This picture is so Christmassy I wish I hadn't already sent out my cards. Well I suppose I wish that Amelia didn't have a mouth full of jellybeans. Let's just pretend she is amazed by the perfect flurries. 
Downtown Ogunquit.

We lucked out that the local parade was this weekend. We lucked out even more that the downtown is walking distance from our house. While Coco was sleeping (my mom stayed behind) we walked around the corner for a little hometown Christmas parade. 

Amelia was a doll. She waved to every person and yelled "Merry Christmas". Such a sweet girl. 
Mcdonalds was in the parade and handed out some creepy Ronald face. So 
naturally I made everyone pose with it. 

On Monday morning we held a mini Christmas celebration. My parents came with two bags full of presents, so I guess it was less mini than I had anticipated. Amelia was obviously thrilled. 
Amelia got Ana and Elsa dresses and has not taken them off. Oh and she has also been demanding the Frozen soundtrack in the background at all times. Oh and we all must sing and dance along. 

We had the traditional Christmas morning crepe breakfast. It was fantastic. My favorite breakfast of the year. Nobody can make crepes quite like my dad. Brian does a really good job but my dad has been making them for longer than I have been alive and they are professional status. Tastes like home. 

In the downtime, my dad and Brian were busy working on a project. It was actually my parents big gift to Amelia. It is coming out really great and I can't wait to share more details. 

We spent the rest of our "Christmas" day doing touristy things. We went to one of our favorite spots, Wells beach. This was also in celebration of Goose's birthday. He turned 4 this weekend and there is no better way to celebrate Goose. The weather was perfect and we had it all to ourselves. Well it was 35 degrees but for mid December I call that perfect. 
It was Colette's first time facing forward and her cheeks were so pink after from the cold. Cute little face. 
We also hit up Flo's hot dogs in Cape Neddick. I have passed it hundreds of times and it is ALWAYS packed. It is tiny, really basic (2 hot dog choices), and delicious. If you are ever in the area stop by for sure. Worth it. 
We ended the night with watching Frozen, decorating cookies, and staying up late playing games. Perfect weekend. 
Elsa dress. 

Happy Tuesday!

ps// 9 Days until Christmas!

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