Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Colette: 21 & 22 Weeks

I have been taking the pictures on time but I keep forgetting to post. Every other week it is. 

20 & 21 Weeks
-Visiting with my parents.
-Sick sick sick (another urgent care visit).
-Sleeping in her own room!
-Found her voice...and it's loud. 
-Baby blessing. (more on that later)

Viruses have hit us this week. It started last week with Amelia. She started running a fever, runny nose, super crabby, and then I noticed some fever blisters on the back of her legs. Odd. I have never seen a rash or fever blisters on the body before. Fast forward a few days and Colette started to have a runny nose and a fever. We woke up Monday morning and she was covered in a rash. Head to toe. You can see in the 21 week picture. It is all over her body and its really awful looking. Poor baby. I went to Urgent Care and everything checks out just fine. She has a viral infection and apparently that can result in rashes. I had no idea. I knew about the obvious viral rashes (chicken pox, measles) but I had no idea a run of the mill virus can do this. It doesn't seem to itch but it does bother her and sleep has been rough around here. That's what caffeine is for I guess. 

In the meantime we have been laying low and having fun at the house. It's been raining (sad no white Christmas) so we have been playing with moon sand, play dough, markers, and all things messy. We have also eaten our weight in treats. Can't believe Christmas is tomorrow! Happy wrapping!

.::Merry Christmas Eve::.

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