Thursday, December 11, 2014

Colette: 18 & 19 Weeks

18/19 Weeks
-Rolling over and over and over. 
-Reaching for and grabbing everything.
-Lots of baby chatter.
-Moved Amelia into a twin bed (a month ago).
-Celebrated first Thanksgiving.

I have been bad about updating the blog here. I would love to say it's because I am super duper busy being an overachieving stay at home mom but that would be a lie. I have been soaking up the Christmas season, coloring, making snowflakes, and being lazy with my girls. I did manage to take the pictures on time, I just didn't blog. Anyway, on to the next.

I had my very first real parenting scare. A little over a week ago I took the girls to Kittery Trading Post for a little shopping. KTP is a gigantic three story store with everything you can imagine. I was picking up a couple of gifts and I tend to give Amelia freedom when we go shopping. She always stays close. The occasional time she has wondered off I just follow her or Brian is with me. As I was checking out at the register she was holding on to the cart and Colette was in her car-seat in the cart. I turned to swipe my card, turned back around and Amelia was gone. I whipped around and saw her little head weaving in and out of the clothes racks. Since Colette was in the cart I couldn't fit where Amelia had gone. I made my way around and by the time I got to where I thought she was....she was gone. Legitimately gone. At first I was calm and just walked around but as the seconds turned to minutes the anxiety started to build. I started calling out her name and running around with a shopping cart frantically. I must have looked crazy.

After a couple of minutes I was trying to calm myself but then every worst case scenario started to run through my mind. The store is huge with a ton of exits and a ton of people. I ran over to the security guard at the door and told him what happened. He got on the phone to call the other door security guards and had me explain Amelia to them. Talk about a surreal moment. In my mind I thought, "just find a two year old walking around by herself!!" After he hung up I was waiting there...just waiting, while Amelia was still missing. Eventually my panic took over again and I left Colette with the door security. Not my finest moment either but I was sweating, crying, and hyperventilating. I felt that I needed to keep looking for her. I ran around the store for another 5 minutes. At this point we were at about 10 minutes of her "missing". 

This was the longest 10 minutes of my life. As I made my way back to the security guard to check on Colette another man approached me and asked if I was Amelia's mom. As if the puffy eyes and heavy breathing wasn't enough of a clue. The guard told me he found her and to come with him. It's funny because you would think I would feel immediate relief but it takes a long time to come down from this type of panic. When I got to her I said, "Amelia" thinking she must have been scared and she answered with, "oh hi mama, shopping". Oh awesome, you were just shopping...I picked her up and told her she can't wander off and some other nonsense that she doesn't understand. She could see I was upset though and sweetly said, "I'm sorry Mama". Apparently she has made her way all the way up the stairs and to the opposite end of the store. I guess she was in the market for a kayak...

Well so much for giving her freedom. Rookie mistake. We were lucky and I will not make that mistake again. At this point I am not above leashing her. It was so terrifying that I will totally take the disapproving glares over anything like that happening again. The best part was when I called Brian after to tell him he said, "well did you find her?".  Umm...yeah.

On to something more fun. Since we moved Amelia up to a twin bed we have started to put together Colette's room (she is still sleeping in our room). My inspiration for her space is from a map I used to have on my wall in college. Right now the room is very bare bones but I can't wait to get started.  

Right now the plans are:
-white trim
-3/4 grey walls (as in from the trim to 3/4 up the wall)
-1/4 mint walls (to tie into Amelia's room)
-mint inside of closet
-more shelves and hanging space in closet
-charcoal colored curtains
-large rug 
-world theme in the accents and decor. (globe, painting, etc.)
-DIY frame for the map

Lots of work but I would love for it to be done by the time she is sleeping in there...which should be soon. And by soon I mean after the holidays...everything is saved for after the holidays around here. 

Happy Thursday!!!

ps// My parents are on their way here RIGHT NOW! Can't wait to share the details of their visit. You know I sent them an itinerary weeks ago (cause I am annoying like that). Visitors are my favorite!

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  1. Collette is so beautiful! And I feel your pain about the scare of losing Amelia. As parents we can't help but feel horrible, but it happens! To the best of us. One of the worst scares I ever had with losing a child was about 2 years ago with Ian. You can read the blog post I wrote about the ordeal so you know you're not alone!