Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas 2014

Our poor little tree. The bottom lights burnt out. Still pretty though. 

We had a great laid-back Christmas this year. We didn't have many plans but anything we did plan on doing was immediately squashed by 4 people with the flu. Yep, we all got sick for Christmas. We still did our best celebrating and had a great time together. 

We started with traditional Christmas Eve pajamas and The Night Before Christmas reading. 

Christmas morning Brian went to check out the surf (what flu?) and Amelia made her way down the hallway to wake me up around 7:30. When she came in I asked, "Did Santa come?" and she said, "He did. Santa is my friend". What a sweet girl. We had very few presents because our girls are little and we are taking full advantage of that. We also had already opened up presents from my parents a couple of weeks ago.  We had some family and friends send gifts which was unexpected and so sweet. Amelia had a great time opening them and LOVED everything. She especially loved the books and coloring books.
 This pictures shall be entitled: Christmas morning bed-head.

The rest of the day was very low key. We made breakfast, snacked on junk food, took naps, Brian went surfing, and we Skyped with my family in Cali when they opened their gifts. Skyping during presents is becoming a new tradition since we haven't been home for Christmas since 2010. Yikes. One of these years we will get back for the holidays. We just tend to prefer to travel at odd times in the year instead of when everyone else is traveling. 

After all the downtime we decided we would have homemade pizza for dinner. We LOVE making pizza so why not do it for Christmas. I forgot to take pictures of the pizza, but it was our best yet. Amelia was clearly a good helper. 
I cleaned up the girls and tried to get some "Christmas" pictures. My attempt at cute pictures fell short. Colette was so sick (I actually edited the pictures because she is covered head to toe in a nasty rash). Amelia just wanted to read and would not even look up at the camera. 
When I forced them together this was the best I could get. We'll call it: The Christmas the Virus Hit. 

We have since spent the last few days sleeping, running few errands, a small trip to the beach (for fresh air), and enjoying our Christmas gifts. Crossing our fingers we can ring in the new year virus free. 

Happy Monday!!

ps// I can't wait to get my Christmas stuff boxed and put away. I love decorating for Christmas but I love the takedown even more. By the end of the month I just want the space back. Put that on my list of things to do today...after 5 loads of laundry...and a nap. 

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