Saturday, November 1, 2014

Our Halloween

It is pretty clear that we love Halloween around our house. If it is possible, I seem to get more excited for it every year. We honestly plan our costumes a year in advance.

We spent most of the day doing our normal routine just a little more Halloweeny. The girls hung out in Amelia's bed for a while in the morning (Amelia LOVES when I put Colette in her bed). We started off the morning with a candy corn breakfast and watched some Halloween cartoons.  

My mom made the Yoda & R2D2 costumes and the hats are from Etsy. My mom also had the Leia costume in her treasure chest of Halloween stuff. I made the Han Solo and Chewbacca costumes (so easy). Brian grew out his hair to channel Han Solo circa 1970s, which was my personal favorite. I love the commitment to Halloween. 
Goose loved his costume and he got to come trick or treating with us. The funny part was that he didn't want to pee while wearing the costume so he held it until we got home and took it off. Strange puppy. 
Once we found out I was pregnant with Colette we knew we wanted to do Star Wars. I had to have a baby Yoda. I already had the shirt (thanks Kiki) and I love those knit Yoda ears. Cute little face! 
Amelia was chowing down on a carrot the whole time we were trying to take pictures. I tried to take it away which resulted in a tantrum. I even brought over some mini marshmallows to try and trade with her...nope. So, alas, R2D2 is eating a carrot. 
Yes, our decorations are also star wars. What can I say, I love a theme. 

Once we were in our Halloween threads we met up with some friends for trick or treating in Kennebunk. Kennebunk has a cute little downtown and near the downtown is a fantastic neighborhood that the police block off for trick or treating. The houses are huge with very elaborate decorations. We hit a couple of house but it quickly got cold. We didn't last long but Amelia loved it. She was braver than I thought she would be with all the scary decorations. 

After trick or treating we stopped by a house that does a light show every year. The house is decorated with timed lights to music. They ask that you bring some canned food for donation and you can come, turn on your radio, and enjoy the show. Really fun! 

We finished the night with putting the girls to bed, putting on a movie, and digging into Amelia's candy. Another holiday for the books. 

Happy Weekend!

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